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that's what the final game will be! see the steam page linked above!

thanks so much :) that sounds like a big undertaking, probably suitable for a different game. nice ideas though!
hoping to include vr support for everything in one app

coming out in the next few months!

no sorry it's a packaged game

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it's deleted because it'll be a part of "Lushfoil Photography Sim" that's coming out next year! there were some rights issues so I had to remove the individual, sorry. but please tell your friends about the new game:

read the game page.... please ..........

just put the download back up!

repaired the download! it should work now

did you delete the copy you've downloaded? you might be able to still download it from the link in your email reciept, if not send me a dm/email

Hey! thanks so much for the kind words and cool ideas. I'm hugely inspired by the atmosphere of some real world locations, but I'm not sure I can say the same for space/interplanetary exploration.
It's a cool theme and a great backdrop for a lot of fiction but it's not the kind of thing I personally take a lot of influence from. I prefer to make scenes that are heavily inspired by nature, and grouded in reality (if that makes sense?) sounds like a concept you should work on yourself ;)

noted, thanks for looking out!

thanks for the suggestions!


thanks for the coverage man!

depth of field is toggled with 'clarity mode' !

nice idea! that would make for a cool game concept, it would have to be separate from this project though

yes it'll happen eventually! even with basic controls I would need to overhaul the visuals so that they'd run more smoothly.

not for now, but eventually

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how? please explain on discord


!! thanks as always

thanks for playing!

nope this scene is old as hell, I'll at least be porting the newer ones first

thanks for playing and for writing this up! looks like you didn't reach the second level though?

hey that's very nice of you to say, thanks so much. I'm planning on finishing up the game as a standalone desktop game first and then i'll work on porting everything into VR post release. I'll be sure to put in a bundle discount for those who bought all the previous DLC :)

thanks :)

yeah you're right but I still don't feel like it will add much to the game and it'd still be a lot of work. I wasn't able to go inside any buildings when I was there so I guess it still remains true to the experience?

ah yeah I get what you mean, you should try playing with the field of view turned all the way down! that's what I like to do

thanks, any reason why you want to turn off the squares?

yes this will be it! it'll just take some time to put together

did you unlock the second level yet? the last photo on the first board would be your hint


not yet, this will be the final game:

I agree, but I haven't been inside these buildings so I don't know what they look like

I have a template that is built for VR so it's possible, i'm just not going to prioritise that right now

desktop only for now sorry!

thanks so much! glad you liked it

thanks so much this is super useful! glad you like the game