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They aren't "snowflakes". That is such a stupid comparison those are FINISHED games that people purchase that stuff from. You're being unfair by using an extreme example as well which pretty much destroys your argument from the get-go. A very natural and fair reaction for people to have now is contempt for such a practice. DLC for something FAR from finished will always be seen in a negative light as it comes off as wasting time on something with no value to them rather than focusing on finishing the game and/or for avaricious reasons regardless of whether the developers intentions are malicious or not, doubt and suspicion are always the strongest feelings. 

The mistake was simply releasing it as DLC. Leaving it solely for patrons who already support the development and there's zero backlash as long as progress is mentioned in posts regularly enough and the project does not appear to have gone stagnant. I know this case is far from something like Star Citizen bs but it's things  like that, that sow the seeds of doubt on anything that could be entirely genuine positive intentions.


I mean, people who complain about every little thing aren't snow flakes then what are they lol? I don't really see what the unfair part is about what I'm saying. Wether it's a finished game or not, the whole point of people getting the skins is to support him. It doesn't have to be a finished product for him to release skins. It's really simple, he released the skins as a DLC, those who want it will get it and those who is don't won't get it. I don't get what the fuss is and why people are complaining. Bottom line is, you either support the devs or you don't, regardless of it being a DLC. 


Wow did you even read what I said properly? If that is all you took from what I said I doubt it.

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The comparison doesn't fail because while those are finished games they also cost money to buy in the first place. This is a completely free game unless you choose to support. Its not like it doesn't get updated regularly either. I'd have doubts if there had been no updates and they're just constantly making more dlc to get money for a game they likely will never finish. People complaining just want to have their cake and eat it too. You can't expect everything to be free in a game you're already not paying for, these people have to be compensated for their work and make a living too. Not everyone who wants to support can afford to pay monthly on patreon.


The game isn't free.  Are you high? Do you not see the price of 10$ up there?

So, you inadvertently confirmed his point.


My bad I follow a lot of games  on here that are indeed free (but get the newer updates later than patreon). The point stands that we're comparing a game that is 10$ to triple A titles usually priced 6-to 7x more than that, have entire studios, and more total sales from a much wider audience. These types of games are usually made by a small group of people, or even one man, that might have to hire other people to help. 10$ is pretty damn cheap by today's standards.


6 to 7 time the price, but several 100,000 times the production cost. Not to mention that a significant number of AAA games are sold in the 20-30$ range.

If you want to play the numbers game, fine. It makes the criticism even more valid when you take the price into account.

Aren't you tired of proving the critics right? Or is that your intention?

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