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Hello! It’s good to hear from you. Thanks for already checking things out and letting me know how it’s going so far. The release notes and launch discount are now live.

The portals spawn similar to the cities: regularly in chunks, except with about double the frequency, and if you miss a chunk it will try spawning in the next. I understand this isn’t quite fair to folks with existing saves, but the hope is that they should appear naturally as you play. Each world has exactly one portal for each other world. Right now, there’s just the one to find. They have a collectible on top, which the proximity cues will lead you to, and when collected (or scanned) it will be discovered. They also have a unique droning sound which then activates by standing over it.

In my ATH-M50x headphones, the proximity cues are right in the sweet spot for me, but I understand that not all headphones are built equally. I’d say that I mixed them rather conservatively low in the mix because I was afraid they might be too annoying. Perhaps it’s just my sensitive hearing and how so many sounds bother me.

I’m open to tweaking both! That’s the purpose of this preview. Cheers! 🤘