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Hey, really enjoyed the game, although I only played single player. On to feedback!

  • Selecting the controller will turn off the keyboard controls meaning if you don't have a controller you can't go back, only close the game and start it again.
  • The roulette is a really great to add twists to the game and force players to adapt, I really liked it but:
    • There should be an "anti bad luck" feature stopping the roulette from staying on the same criteria for to long. I lost some games because it stood on "shape" only (and I'm bad at matching anything that is not color) and I just lost.
      • Maybe even make it so that color has a greater chance to come out as it is the default and people would be more used to it or at least on it works that way on the easier difficulties.
    • I think that the roulette being on the bottom of the screen is not that great because I didn't find myself looking that much down but that was just me.
  • Holding the select button should allow you to select various squares. At least while playing with the keyboard I had to press it on every square. If you lower the number of inputs necessary it can enable faster playing.
  • I loved that you already added color blind option and multiple ones at that! It is just great when people already think about accessibility when making their games!

Hey, one of the devs here!

We are glad you enjoyed it, we are enjoying a little holiday, but we will come back and fix all of those things (and add tons of new content) on the following updates! 



Awesome! I'll keep following and trying the new updates because this game has great potencial and I want to give as much feedback as I'm able to :)


If I read the release notes correctly, then it shouldn't be possible to select the controller option in the settings any more if no controller is connected. In my case however it seems the controllers *are* detected, but they simply don't do anything ;-)

It would probably be a good idea to always enable keyboard controls for such cases.

It is a known issue, we don't know why does it happen, but we will do something about it, we did what u suggested but only on the title screen (we thought it would be enough), we should do as you suggested and enable the keyboard on the entire game. Thanks!


I think the problem is the Rewired plugin, which has only very limited controller support out of the box.

I'm just guessing, but you may be querying for the presence of any controller, independent of it's actual support; see for more information and how to get reasonable controller support (untested, but this may explain your problem ;-)).

I'll take a look now that I have some time.

Thanks a lot!!!! Love ya <3