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No, you only can alt between keyboard and controlpad, sorry.

Muchas gracias!

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Muchas gracias por el feedback y por este minianalisis!

It is a known issue, we don't know why does it happen, but we will do something about it, we did what u suggested but only on the title screen (we thought it would be enough), we should do as you suggested and enable the keyboard on the entire game. Thanks!


We are working really hard to improve the visualization of the "shape" attribute. Thank for you feedback, It is very important to us.

¡Solo falta un poco más para la nueva versión!

Thanks! Today we are working in a new minor update, so stay tuned or add the game to your itch's collection to be suscribed yo our newsletter. 

And, if you enjoyned Magical Prisma remember that you can let a positive review (this really help us to reach as many people as possible)

Hey, Bullware Soft is here!. Congratulations, you have a good sight for game-designs issues. Probably while you was navigating through "Magical Shop" you realized how a lot of faces repeat with different colors one after the other, and that is very boring and unconfortable to navigate, compare and buy. 

We can't avanced how we will solve this, but you can get sure that this re-design is going to solve the coherence with the skins' colors system.

Hey, Bullware Soft is here!. You are right, Magical Prisma has 50% arcade and 50% console spirit. Sadly, for design issues, the mousse will not be compatible, and the tutorial isn't developed yet, but will be avaiable after the beta version is done. For the moment you have available a video tutorial and a control description both in this page. And a visual guide in the ingame menu/controls, where you can select a control that makes you feel more confortable with.

Thanks for you feedback and I hope you decide to reinstall the game in future versions.

Muchas gracias por tú valoración, pero ¿porqué en un juego móvil si solo lo ofrecemos en formato PC?

Habemus versión de Linux, eso sí, requiere testeo.

Actualmente y hasta la semana que viene la versión de Linux se queda sin mantenimiento por motivos técnicos. Lamentamos las molestias, te avisaremos en este hilo cuando el error esté corregido.

Gracias por jugar a Magical Prisma!


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Caballero, le han superado en absolutamente todos los circuitos. En cuanto quede primero en uno añadiremos 5 nuevos circuitos.
(Es miembro de BULLWARESOFT)