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I can't play it on my Mac either :( the game just opens up and closes down right away! SOS!

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Hi ! I actually got some issues too and figured out how to make it work, but you'll have to use your terminal (which you can find in Applications -> Utilities)

The thing is, the application to launch the game is considered as a folder, this is how you have to proceed : go to the folder you put the folder in with the command "cd" (for example, cd Documents/"Magical Otoge Iris" beware, if there are spaces, you HAVE to write the "")
Then :

cd "Magical Otoge"

cd Contents

cd MacOS

 ./"Magical Otoge Iris"

And the game should start ! But don't quit the terminal because it'll stop the game too

Here is a screen in case you need it (if you want to see the files inside the folders, you can use the command "ls", that's how i found the real ? application)

Have fun, I'm really enjoying the game, thank you a lot Batensan ! (By the way, if one day you want to translate your games in French so more people can play it, I'd be glad to help !)

!! Thank you so much for your help! I hope this works for the others who were having problems. I don't have a Mac so honestly I'm not sure what you did there loL... No one else has told me about a problem like this before either so I was wondering what was wrong (usually people just forget to extract the zip file).

Thanks again for your help and wow, even an offer to translate! We can always chat in a few months (hopefully not years, cough) when the game is actually done and see if you still want to! I've done translating before so I have an idea of how much work it is...!

Either way, take care! I'm glad you like the game so much!

Mac are not used this way usually, PrincessCatie's solution is way simpler XD

I'll wait don't worry (even for years), at least I will have the time to play all the games !

Thank you, take care too !


Thank you so much--I really appreciate it! I actually figured out an easier way to do it (just in case you want it) where you right click on the app, click "Show Package Contents", click on "Contents", click on "MacOS", and then click on the thing in that folder. I hope this helps anyone else who was struggling as well. :)