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it was definitely free before

I am obsessed with the game. I wish there was more of an epilogue in terms of the Spoiler's route and what happens after he saves you-know-who. Nonetheless, I love this game just as much as everything else Synokoria has produced.

If it doesn't crash, the screen just goes black and there's nothing I can do to fix it.

Tailor Tales community · Created a new topic Bug Issues

Hi! I keep having issues with the newest version where it keeps crashing a few minutes after I open it. Can you help?

I love the game but the game doesn't save any data (including in save files).

the game keeps crashing for me

I got "Lonely and Self-Destructive" by failing to exterminate the stink bugs even though my insect was powerful.

Hi! Just curious as to what your progress is on James?

I'm having the same issue!

I finished it in less than 24 hours. Why am I like this.

Is it bad that I recognized every character?! Like even Alex's mom I was like OMG NO WAY

Thank you! Also, if I buy the stuff now (as in before Jame's route is released) as a one time pledge, will I have to purchase again to get the extra scenes of the next character (James)?

I just downloaded this and I am sobbing. I love my lil goose friend. Bless your soul.

Also, do I have to pay monthly to unlock the plus version content or can I make a one time payment to get the extra scenes lol?

Do you have an estimate of when it will be out?

I want to play the game again, how do I erase prior data?

can't open full game on mac :(

this is one of my all time favorite games, and i've played A LOT of games. so beautifully done.

what did you use to make this game?

how do you make your characters and backgrounds? :)

Thank you so much--I really appreciate it! I actually figured out an easier way to do it (just in case you want it) where you right click on the app, click "Show Package Contents", click on "Contents", click on "MacOS", and then click on the thing in that folder. I hope this helps anyone else who was struggling as well. :)

I can't play it on my Mac either :( the game just opens up and closes down right away! SOS!

please help im desperate

I could only open the demo for the Mac, but not the full version :( why is that?

I'm on a Mac btw

It won't let me open it! Help!