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This game is such a blessing to me, a horror- and thriller- and mystery-obsessed girl. <3 The character designs and art style are quirky, unique, and somewhat surreal/uncanny (all plus points for me). The music and sound design are unsettling, and honestly just might be my favorite aspects of this game??? (But I love literally everything about this game, so. . . .) The backgrounds and color choice and the chilling/creepy atmosphere are all amazing. <3 I also love the lie detector so much -- it made my heart pound at various points!!!

The writing, oh the writing! I absolutely live for the concept and the choice mechanic, and you executed them so excellently! And that twistiest of twists!!! I am a law student, with complex feelings about the justice system, and oh my, this twist speaks to me in so many ways. <3 You've selected a great idea and limited yourself to a sensible scope for a month-long jam. Kudos to you for creating E V E R Y T H I N G in this game. Everything is awesome here, seriously. <3

I do have a single suggestion for improvement, though. I wish there are more fail states so that the player feels a sense of accomplishment upon selecting the right choices. I can understand not wanting to give the player a hard time . . . but at the same time, a certain amount of difficulty enhances the gaming experience, in my humble opinion.

Thank you for sharing this game with us. Keep creating, keep inspiring. <3

Thank you so much!! I was wondering what a law student would think of this, I'm glad it doesn't fall completely flat for you in that regard. I hear you about difficulty. I'm still trying to find the right balance so that it doesn't get frustrating, since it does require some trial and error to figure out... Maybe a system where you get a certain number of chances to solve it before you get a fail state would be the best of both worlds? Ace Attorney does it that way, but at the same time you're like, "Yeah, yeah, wish I didn't have to sit through this 'Guilty' screen again!" It will require some thought, but that's definitely an area I need to improve on.