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Your response is well reasoned, well thought out and entirely wrong. This is the fetish community. There are TONS of people like that. The vast majority of the community in fact. And they are not going to shell out 12$ for a game which has M/m content in it. They just won't. Even if it's optional, they're going to look at the screenshots and go "Ew." and move on. Far more people will be lost than gained by the absolutely minuscule in comparison to the giant male fanbase.

Zsansubar only included it to be nice, but now it's costing him sales.

Please make your own games and stop trying to get your stuff in ours.

"The alien race Biolok has conquered the earth and are using the tiny humans as they wish. As a prime time television game show on their home world the giant aliens let humans fight for their lives in different challenges. Your goal as a human is to survive and win your freedom. The only way out is straight through it."

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'People will look at the screenshots and go ew' 

-Please show me where in what screen shot it shows a guy. All of them are girls. Any not showing the top half can be assumed as a girl as thus as well. So you're wrong there.

I don't see how you think you can speak for the 'vast majority' either considering you have absolutely no place to do so. You are just yourself with your own one opinion. Stop speaking for others, it's quite pretentious. You have no proof people are not going to buy this well made game based solely on that. If they are, yhey're missing out on very well made content for something they can easily ignore.

I don't know if you realize but catering your game to a larger audience by providing options is a smart sales tactic, not shutting others out by limiting the choices available. Have you ever been in sales? By the sound of it, I doubt so. Try not to assume. 

You also have no proof that it's costing him anything. You're saying this with no basis at all. Not to mention your entire post reeks of privilege. 'Stop trying to get stuff in ours' like this game 'belongs' to the giantess fandom. Let him add what he wants, and do as he wants. Trying to push him (or anyone) to alienate a whole fanbase by giving 'optional' content is so wrong and selfish I don't know where to begin...


1. Those aren't the only screenshots going around.
2. You're the only one who just assumes that no one is going to notice that's a guy's ass and legs.
3. I can speak for a vast majority because I've been in the size community for 18 years and I've seen just about everything. GTS fans far outnumber GT fans. It's just a fact. So yes, I can speak for them.
4. There are literally forum and discord conversations about how this game is dead because the creator added male giants.
5. Catering to a larger audience only works if you don't alienate your core fanbase. Plenty of products have been lost to time because someone thought they can "Cater to a larger audience" and ended up losing their marketshare as a result. This is marketing, not sales. 
6. People are complaining openly, so yeah, I do have a basis.
7. Muh privilege. Not an argument. Besides, this was originally created as a giantess only game. We're the ones who backed it financially right away. What gives any of you the right to come here and demand the inclusion of your fetish?
8. The only alienation is including content that the majority of the fanbase finds repulsive.


I'm a gts fan but can you please stop with this boring debate or do it somewhere else 


"Muh Privilege" yeah you sure are acting privileged. Wonder why, oh maybe because 100% of macro games online are for the gts community and god forbid one actually is nice enough to finally include others in it and you try to tear it down. That's repulsively selfish over everything else you have, you just want more and more and more. Where does it end? Where do other people get a chance? I just find that selfish mindset sickening to where I wanted to say that, sorry.
Other then that, I agree with Kane, I'm done here, nothing more to say since obviously your mind is set in your ways.