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It's a pity. I spent 2 years to complete the game. :)

What should be done at the very end? Psyrian just moves around the screen and nothing else can be done?

What is the difference from the Steam version? Thank you.

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For me this game turned out to be absolutely unplayable.

The game randomly freezes for 1...2 seconds and because of this it is simply impossible to play.
In addition, the game automatically starts in VR mode. As I understand it, you need to disable VR in the project.

I like it. Nicely done.

Interesting idea. Hands get tired - it's hard to be a dragon :).

For some reason there is no sound in Oculus Rift S. The sound comes from the sound card of the computer and it does not change anywhere in the settings. How can this be fixed? The problem is only with this game.

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Thanks for the explanation! Everything works! Arms upside down when using oculus rift s touch controllers, but it is not important.

Oculus Rift S.
Hands are mixed up. Nothing happens when you press any buttons.

Each update is a completely new game. It is a pity that there are no archives of old versions.

You made my day! Thank!

"The alien race Biolok has conquered the earth and are using the tiny humans as they wish. As a prime time television game show on their home world the giant aliens let humans fight for their lives in different challenges. Your goal as a human is to survive and win your freedom. The only way out is straight through it."

On sunday xx.xx.20xx at xx:xx.

No updates since last year.

A new level is unplayable for me.
Every time a giant destroys a house, the game hangs.
The game loads all the main memory. You have to kill the process in the task manager to restart the game. Tried to run the level several times on the fastest 640x480 graphics settings.

I hope the clothes of the giants can be changed?
Perhaps several models to choose from. It would be great.


like "Attack on Titan", but in the modern world. :)