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The new engine looks good! I'd really like to see the new giantess model in gauntlet mode.

Nothing you say matters, my little friend. I've already done you a huge favor by even acknowledging you exist. 

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Zsansubar is a very generous person, it's true.

It's unfortunate that his decisions have driven the majority of the massive giantess fandom away because a few pathetic losers keep demanding things that no one really wants.

The only reason you post here and no one else does is because you're desperate thirsty weirdos who latch on to anyone who give them the time of day.  Unfortunately, the extensive giantess community doesn't want games with males in it. So these changes drove them away, thanks to you, really.

As far as whining. If you had all shut your fucking mouths, I never would have had to say a thing, so really, this is all your fault no matter how you cut it.

Yes, it illustrates the silent majority of giantess fans who show their support with funding. They won't buy a game with giant males, unfortunately. They won't even promote it, because it's not what we want. I'm just here to represent the thousands of potential buyers. You're here to drive them away. That's sad.


No one cares what you hope; it won't ever come true. <3

Edit: The offer stands. I will fund this game as long as you keep male content out. Name your price.

I'm tired of you whining idiots ruining a perfectly good giantess game. Zsansubar is generous and gave you what you wanted, but I don't think he fully realized how unnecessary it was to listen to a handful of entitled commenters such as yourself. You want a game with giant dudes, make it yourself. I already backed a giantess game and I'm willing to pay even more if it stays giantess only.

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That's great to hear! We're looking forward to the release, don't forget that you only need to focus on giantess in your giantess game. Other characters are not wanted by your core fanbase, so you can leave them out for now and if you really think you need to, include them in a separate version in the future.

This a promising update, the voices are great and I also really like how the hitboxes are so tight. Before there was sort of an invisible field that would kill you if she stepped near you, now if it's not right on you, you live, which is a very intense moment. The cars being knocked around is awesome too. Though, it can mean that you get stuck until the cars blocking your way are flattened or knocked loose. This could be resolved if you could jump, I think.

The giantess mode was really cool. I enjoyed the little plot and running around smashing everything.

As always, your little scenarios are creative and enjoyable and I hope to see more.

1. Those aren't the only screenshots going around.
2. You're the only one who just assumes that no one is going to notice that's a guy's ass and legs.
3. I can speak for a vast majority because I've been in the size community for 18 years and I've seen just about everything. GTS fans far outnumber GT fans. It's just a fact. So yes, I can speak for them.
4. There are literally forum and discord conversations about how this game is dead because the creator added male giants.
5. Catering to a larger audience only works if you don't alienate your core fanbase. Plenty of products have been lost to time because someone thought they can "Cater to a larger audience" and ended up losing their marketshare as a result. This is marketing, not sales. 
6. People are complaining openly, so yeah, I do have a basis.
7. Muh privilege. Not an argument. Besides, this was originally created as a giantess only game. We're the ones who backed it financially right away. What gives any of you the right to come here and demand the inclusion of your fetish?
8. The only alienation is including content that the majority of the fanbase finds repulsive.

Your response is well reasoned, well thought out and entirely wrong. This is the fetish community. There are TONS of people like that. The vast majority of the community in fact. And they are not going to shell out 12$ for a game which has M/m content in it. They just won't. Even if it's optional, they're going to look at the screenshots and go "Ew." and move on. Far more people will be lost than gained by the absolutely minuscule in comparison to the giant male fanbase.

Zsansubar only included it to be nice, but now it's costing him sales.

Please make your own games and stop trying to get your stuff in ours.

Including giant males actually lost a lot of interest from the larger community (GTS fans) which far outnumber anyone else interested in this type of game.

Glad to hear you're okay! Thank you for the update, we'll just relax and wait.

Your game is actually pretty awesome, which is probably why we're all eager for an update!

So... it's been a month. We'd all really appreciate some kind of update, even if it's just to know you're still alive and doing okay.

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I don't mean to be difficult but it's been 18 days since your last update when you said you were almost ready to release and close to have a year since the last actual update. I think we'd all really appreciate a realistic estimation of time until release.
Thank you,

Hey man, any estimate of when we'll be ready for the next update? There's a lot of us waiting patiently and checking in daily...

I don't know how that makes sense or would be fun. 

So excited. The inclusion of new sound (dialogue?) is great.

awesome! Looking forward to it!

We don't know, but probably soon. I'm excited.

Just so you know, this is really poor manners. Mac and Linux are tiny platforms. No one makes things for them because it's pointless work for a worthless platform which makes up nothing of the user base. If you don't want to get a real computer, please, PLEASE stop your begging requests for someone to put in a ton of work for just you. Dual boot. Whatever. Grow up. No one is going to waste a second making their niche product compatible with inferior operating systems.

I disagree with all of that.

Any update on this game?

This is great stuff. I continue to support you towards these goals.

I second this. The overpass scene was one of my favorites by far. It was great.

That's rough, I'm sorry to hear it. Glad to know you're almost out of the woods though!

Is the project abandoned?

Only if it's optional. Most of the playerbase is from

Glad to see a new update. Is there a way you could make the furry content optional? Like a switch at the beginning of the game that enables it so by default we don't see that? 

I notice you did some bug fixes too and improved the FX on the highway scenario. Nice work!
I'm not entirely sure how to complete the new level, but I'm enjoying it all the same.

I can't figure it out. I got the switch but then the guy runs away and I can't move fast enough to chase him.

no, but he posted about a new level 15 days ago.

I gotta say, the highway level is my favorite. You really captured the idea that earth is invaded by giant women. It really works.

Eagerly awaiting the update.

Any updates on this? Do you need bug testers?

Ooh I like the concept.

awesome! Excited to see it

Any updates planned?

Thats great to hear!

Great to hear there's another update so soon! The giantess community is pleased with your game, but it's very important than male giants be optional in all scenarios, so please make sure that they're something you have to opt into and not there by default!

Thank you!

Just something to point out... the giantess fanbase is far larger than the male giant fanbase, so to avoid alienating them, please make sure male giants are optional and not required.
Thanks! I'm happy to send you some money on this content update!

This game has the potential to be something really great! I enjoyed the high-way sequence too, though I noticed some bugs. Next update, I'll toss some $$$ your way for all the hard work!