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Thanks for playing the demo!

The gun hasn't been fully implemented yet, so you can activate the shooting animation but nothing happens. Regarding lines on the character, I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you referring to the dithering effect?

Camera angles are still being adjusted and the area in the demo are not final so I haven't put that much work into perfecting them.

I didn't know about the ambient noise not looping correctly, thanks for letting me know!

I'm happy that you like the unrestricted level, however I was planning on having it be more restricted.

Also about the text prompt, I've now changed it so that you have to press a button for it to go away and it pauses the game. Thanks for pointing this out, I feel like it's much better now.

Thanks for all the feedback!


Hey, this is what I meant by lines! On second glance they look like clipping problems maybe?

And no problem!!


Yes, they are clipping problems.