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  • In the slaver's pit (the old mine), I paid 15000 gold when asked (I didn't partake in their "sexual services") and, after Ren took a couple steps, the game stopped.
    • Note: It didn't freeze. The animation of the girl in the stocks being fucked just played forever, and none of my input did anything.
  • I'm not sure if this is a bug, but in the second city (with the adventurer's guild) I can go to the mixer and mix an infinite amount of axes and quickly amass an infinite amount of gold from this. 
    • Note, I really appreciate being able to do this, as I'd normally just Cheat Engine my way to doing it.

it really should skip the fight but it might be a bug where rpgmaker runs slightly differently for different people.
can you tell me what is said before the freeze?

and theres a few ways to get infinite money.

i cant even find anything that says ren should take a few steps but i did find a missing switch so the scene would loop.

so i guess her walking is just... the scene restarting... and her not having anywhere to go to finish the move so it freezes.

easy fix...

will upload new version.