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Glad you thought Perdita has potential and that you enjoyed the game! I unfortunately wasn't able to understand your feedback in the end since i do not understand your language. But thank you so much for playing, I intend to improve on all aspects in my next title AKAI NOROI which is also coming to Itch in around 1-2 months! and i have been taking in all the feedback on Perdita so i really want to impress even more with my next game and grow as a developer! Thank you!

I said " this game has a great potential mainly because of the heavy atmosphere and the jumpscare but I think if we were able to kill monsters in the game, the "horror side" would be affect in a bad way ! " i m impatient to play AKAI NOROI !  

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Oh i see, thank you very much! I will make sure to bring a even more creepy and atmospheric atmosphere in my next game AKAI NOROI! I agree, in my next game however there will be a horrifying AI to deal with among other things! I'm glad you can't wait to play it! If you haven't already you can follow the game and see more about it here: The Itch page is also coming but will first go live a few days before release in approx. 1 month!. I also created a Patreon recently if you are interested in supporting me and get more exclusive stuff!
Thank you for playing!