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Funny game ! Come back for 2021 :D

Really good horror game ! To be continued pls .. :D

Really nice Atmosphere, nice puzzles but the end ??? Maybe a screamer can be great !

I said " this game has a great potential mainly because of the heavy atmosphere and the jumpscare but I think if we were able to kill monsters in the game, the "horror side" would be affect in a bad way ! " i m impatient to play AKAI NOROI !  

Beaucoup de potentiel j'espère avoir une belle aventure sur ce jeu bientôt !

Nice secret but we need more horror !

Nice game !

Not with vidéo but yes ! :D

Nice game maybe need more screamer !

Creepy game ! T.T

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Nice game but figth versus monsters is not the best i think fear is more creapy ! But really nice game ! 

Nice game and gameplay ! We need more act !

Really really nice game and gameplay ! I hope final version come soon !

Nice horror game !

No problem ! =) 

Manque de screamer mais l'univers est sympa !

L'ambiance est creepy !