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I'll write down notes as I go:

  • UI is nice. Options menu is a little bit too busy.
  • Same resolutions in options are listed several times (It's the Hz thing)
  • UI is a little bit skewed on 3440x1440 resolution
  • Battle UI is broken in Spell menu
  • I didn't notice how much damage I've made attacking nutria. Nutria kicked my ass, I only did 3 damage each hit.
  • I like the dungeon painting thing. I would expect a rubber erase to erase painted tiles instead of a spatula
  • Trash bin icon seems like a tool rather than a box to drop in items from the map. Can't zoom out of the map.
  • Escaped from nutria, started at the beginning of the level. May I should have stepped back one tile instead?
  • I didn't know I need to equip items that are in my inventory. Equipped them now. Inventory and the rest of the customisation button is very hidden. Silly me, I should have read the description.
  • Kicked nutria's ass with several headshots. It regenrated head's health at some point, didn't understand how.
  • Accidentally drew on the map. I can draw walls, that's nice. Although a lot of work in case I die
    Accidentally clicked on door which said it's locked. Now I know I can interact with items in level
  • Walls could be auto drawn?
  • There should be a sprint button
  • Weird that I need to drag to equip items, but can't drag and have to right click to unequip
  • Wire fence doesn't look like door and after encountering one first that was locked, I thought all of them are locked.
  • Having to go back to rest is tedious. Why not teleport the player after resting to the begining
  • Resting could even happen on the same spot - all that prevents me from resting is boring walk.
  • I didn't notice that I have stunned a nutria or that it was stunned. Status effect could be shown on their portrait in the field
  • This is how much I've played - 

Final thoughts:

Mazey map design is interesting, but not being able to sprint through it makes it less pleasant to traverse. Expected loot in deadends and was not disappointed. Except for bottom-right corner, it just had a newspaper lying around, but that would be acceptable if levels had more creatures going on.

I sure hope that trees become cuttable down later in the level because having to back-track navigate to spawn point is tedious. You could have bushes replace trees near spawn point which then later you get shears or something to cut down, making it easier to get to distant parts of the map. Same for trees, but later and with an axe. For example rocks could not be removable and would act as trees do now.

I'd suggest adding more creatures to fight against and more consumables to pickup. Most of the encounters should be easier - after each encounter I wanted to rest and regain my stats. I wished each encounter dropped something.

Audio is very nice and tag pickup sound was very familiar and nice.

I liked that even if I was constrained in grid movement I could still walk around and peek at dungeon behind trees.

It was silly at first that I had pistol in a medieval dungeon-maze, but after finding a bike I realised what the game was about.

It was unclear in the battle what simple "Attack" does when I have a pistol and it seemed like I did more damage than bare hands. Overall, skills should display expected damage (or it did and I just missed it?) as battles are rare and intense.

Interesting game, I haven't played old-school dungeon crawlers before though.

Thanks for a lot of feedback. It was really helpful.

I'll need to fix some of the scaling issues, because I didn't test for 21:9 aspect ratio. Hopefully, once I add a tutorial, a lot of the menu issues and early confusion can be fixed. I'll also need to look at the balance of the battles and backtracking to restore stats to make it less tedious. Same with the amount of combat and items throughout the dungeon. Skills don't display expected damage yet, but it is a good idea to add that to the tooltip. Some of the doors were one way, and unlocked once you entered them through the other side. I'll find a way to make it more obvious.