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when the update come out on 25th of may will  are own robots what still be saved on the game 

Are you asking whether your saved robots will still work in the new version?  If so, then yes.  We haven't made any changes to the .RR2Bot format in this iteration that will invalidate your designs.

However, I did notice something when I started tweaking the weights of components.  It seems that if I go back after the fact and change the weight of a component, it appears that the robot reconstruction script gets confused and will no longer load the robot.

Considering that all component values will need to be tweaked, this means that it is highly likely that any robots you create now will not work in the released version of the game.

I have noticed a problem on my Mac with the newest builds.  For some reason my existing robots weren't showing up.  I had to save my .RR2Bot files to a separate folder and delete the existing folder, and then run the game to recreate the folder.  Once the folder was recreated, I moved the robots back to it and they loaded without further problems.