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when are you going replace old for new robot for robot rumble 2.0

i tested new bleeding edge for robot rumble 2.0 i was going have a battle ballerina and  another both  robots jump in the air  their weapon both came off at the start of the fight 

i made the robot work now i struggling doing weapon wiring the weapon next

i can make a robot i am struggling on control on the game

hi robot rumble team it looks really hard and confusing making a robot robot rumble 2.0

When will the next update be 

Have you fixed the flippers

i Notice a another problem for robot rumble 2 the flipper for earthquake and TR2 and manta are not working right 

when is the next update for the game

will there be anymore robots for the game 

hi have done a update for the game on 29th of august 

do you have a release date for the game to come out yet 

OK thanks

When I play as bubble gum the robot keeps destroying it self it the wheels keep coming off

I have a question when the game comes out on steam will the game have a career mode and a tournament mode for the the game

Have you updated robot rumble 2.0

thanks for your Help

it a desktop computer

it a advent computer 

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It happens in a middle of a fight f or when i am in the bot editing a robot

when i am trying do a fight of the game it jumping out of the game the back to title of robot rumble 2.0

it cool

when will the update be ready

Will there timers for the battles

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how will we  know when it will be updated for robot rumble 2.0

will there be Corner Patrol Zone   for the house robot for the game 

what date will the update be for the robot rumble 2.0

when i played as Bubble gum on robot rumble 2 the weapon did not work 

will there time for robot battle time for the game 

will there more Axe robot in the game will you add any more robot in the game 

when will next update for robot rumble 2

will there be saw blade and chain saw in robot rumble 2

when i did a battle with manta and Tr2 against my robot i just made called both robot called Disc  flippers did not flip on Tr2 and manta 

when the update come out on 25th of may will  are own robots what still be saved on the game 

will you be adding more weapon and more robot and more arenas for the game

when is the game coming out on steam 

Hi i have a made a robot on the game i am having trouble controls on the robot keeps flipping on his back