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Came here looking for chess. Not sure how exactly I wound up here. Seems like a nice community here in these comments. Maybe this project could be used to make alternative chess maps! I think we have some potential there perhaps? I will be leaving this page soon, but before I do that I am compelled to recommend the greatest game of our time: Chess. Give it another go, there are many lovely versions right here on this website! But no matter, I am just a 47 year old man, trying to make the world a better place through chess. Thank you all and have a blessed day my friends. 

Kind regards, 



OP you HAVE to tell me more what do you MEAN custom chess maps? Is that a thing? And if so please tell me more i am so intrigued


I now feel compelled to create custom chess maps and special rules to allow one to use dungeon maps for chess..

this sounds amazing and there goes way too much time down the rabbit hole..