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geckoo, what in the world is a shrink

Absolutely heartbreaking story, this game absolutely changed my perspective about the world, it is a truly amazing game, can't recommend it enough.

OP you HAVE to tell me more what do you MEAN custom chess maps? Is that a thing? And if so please tell me more i am so intrigued

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yes, i'm gonna try to play it downloaded

after i build out most of my city the game starts to lag real bad, especially when building. when idle it seems to work fine.

Good action game! Really enjoyed the pacing, and the difficulty is challenging, but not bullshit frame perfect stuff. 8/10

i love scalie metal gear

this game is so incredibly cute i can't

it also made me realize that the only voice i can possibly make is calm british male. anyways, really cute game, can't wait to stream w my friends!

Scroll down and see the Mac complaints.

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do you know there's already a text function in aseprite, right?

I really enjoyed this game on the stream, it's a fun 3 minute joke for everyone, and could really be a good little mobile game! The simplistic art style gave it this really satirical feel, and so far, I have never seen this take on the theme on any other game. Good job!

5 stars - Fun
5 stars - Originality
5 stars - Presentation

good job, got to swing mace like a beyblade 

The art looks super nice! The game is simple, but fun!

Really loved the mechanics! They're simple and fun! And the art is nice too! It looks super futuristic, but it has that simple charm that I love! Great game!

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105 for me! Very relaxing game, had a lot of fun playing it!

Also, the game's graphics look super polished! Good job!

Really fun game! And it looks nice too! I spent an embarrassingly long time playing it

Got a little lost at the beginning, but the game is nicely done!

Great puzzle game! The theme is right on!

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Thank you for playing! In regards to the minimap, the line that orbits near the red astronaut points towards undiscovered asteroids!

Glad you liked it, I was initially going to put the tutorial at the beginning, but it made a bug, so I decided to put it at the main screen.

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