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Thank you for playing my game! If you experience lagg try to reduce the graphical quality by pressing ESC > Options, should help. Thank you for your playthrough, i enjoyed watching it! Glad you enjoyed the story! There are two secrets in the game relating to the story that not many have found out, both are in the bathroom. First one is, if you shine your flashlight at the black mirror, you will see Julia and her unborn child staring back at you inside the mirror. Next secret is if you look closely outside the bathroom window you will see the real body of Julia hanging from a tree as described in her final journal she wrote after taking her life. Thank you so much for playing! If you enjoyed Perdita you should check out my next game AKAI NOROI coming soon!

I'm glad you enjoyed! Oh shit, shame that I missed those secrets! Need to play it again, I wanna see those :D Thanks for letting me know what they were. Oh my! That looks lit, is it going to be here as well? I'm looking forward to it! Looks so good.


Yeah it is kinda hard to know if you don't know it, cool :) Yeah AKAI NOROI will be on Itch as well but will be paid and low price =) Thank you for playing once again!