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Also thank you for the key! I really appreciate 😊

I deside to replay this because of update and oh wow how terrifying it is! I only played like 15-30min because i wanted to see was there any updates at begin. I can't wait to continue this game soon! Well made game. Even when i played this game few months ago i thought this is freaking amazing

Also i played it in youtube 

Thank you for asking me to play this game. This was really neat! Not so scary tho and based more puzzle solving than spookiness but the puzzles were interesting. I was able to solve all what I found and then I didn't know what to do or where to go or what to do items what I have. anyway here is video of it!

I really liked this like the first one! Short, I could play more, but still good! Also nice and spooky. Really reminds me of Silent Hill. Atmospheric and I like the spoopiness of this game!

This was really fun and terrifying game! I didn't know what to expect but this turn out really enjoyable! Very atmospheric and I got scared lol.
Well done!

Here is part 2!

No problem, it was really interesting! Also funny timing as well, because it remainds Big Brother -show which started last week here.

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Goddamn this game was fascinating! I really loved this. Even tho i had problems with one scene but nice feature that i could skip it. I made video of this and it will have 2 parts!

Oh really? I definitelly wanna try it out! I didn't find any key tho. Only key what game said that there would be was on another TV but I never got anything.... Dunno, I still enjoyed and can't wait updates!

Also I appreciate it, means a lot to me :)

I didn't know what game i pick but turned out that this was quite hilarious game! I laugh to this, very well done game. 

I played the game, it was spooky and atmospheric but what else i should do after


 i get the code for room and I kill the guy? Didn't find anything else what i could do. 

Anyway i fit the game in my video, its the second game in this video

This was quite funny game to play! Shame that at the middle i realize that i have seen gameplay and jumpscares didn't get me so badly. I overall enjoyed this game! 

It's the first one 

I really enjoyed this game! I was so surprised how good it look. The story watch cathing, but I have to say it need polish and some bugs. I drop in the ground and I was stuck. Also the items are quite small to notice, took long time to find a key. But over all very well done!

This was really interesting game! I was so scared time to time because i didn't know does it chase me or what. It was quite short but i bet in future it will be longer! Anyway, good job! I also made a video of it. 

I didn't know what to expect this game, also i was bit sceptic. I don't see pixeling games scary, but oh boy how spooky this one was! I didn't really want to walk anywhere. Also nice ending, creepydeepy. 

I made a video of this. It's the second one of my video. 

I really enjoyed this game! I was even bit surprised that there was two endings and how the characters didn't act same! Very well done, i was freaking anxious when i played this game. I made video as well, it's the first game of video

I really enjoyed the game, even  tho it ended way too soon. I hope you ccontinue this game. Also I had to start over again because I got stuck when I opened door where I had to use key. But I don't find anything else to complain :D

At the beging. Thank you for giving me a key!
This game was incredible and I can't wait to play more. So atmospheric and I really didn't expect what is going to happen next. The are reminds me a littlebit of Silent Hill!

Also the story behind it... I don't know what to say to that. You really nailed with this game. I really wanna see what full game includes. That teaser what you left to the end was so good and disturbing!

I really liked this game! I didn't have any bug issues or anything. I got spooked quite few times, so nice! Definitely wanna play whole game when it has released. So much potential!

This was really good game. I can't wait that you continue the story! I even got scared which was really nice. I didn't find any problems with his game, I found pretty easily all keys. I'm not sure tho did I miss something. Over all I enjoyed a lot! Good job :D

Thanks for asking me to make a video and here it is!
I really like the game, really atmospheric and the enemy were so creepydeepy. That breathing! Goddamn. Also I like how those shadows/lights works. It's enough dark that it's creepy but you can still see something. btw that was quite funny that we carry a candle where isn't even fire lol.
But about the things what I would recommend to fix:

1. doors, just... so frustrating to open those. Sometimes they open, sometimes they don't.
2. If you leave notes near to enemy, I would love to read them, but I get instantly killed. Didn't read then.
3. the echo thing was bit useless at this point.

This is really good game! I didn't know what to expect when I saw this game, but when I get into it.. Oh boy. Very creative use your own folders. Only thing what make me wonder, how the hell did I solve the elevator thing... No idea.

But i'm waiting more!

This game ended way too soon! I'm really waiting that this continues. It has some issues, but overall I think its pretty neat game. That jumpscare got me really  bad. Dunno what was problem with that text didn't show up whole screen, like very begin and end was cut off.
But I really enjoyed this game, camera was fun thing to add here.
I hope you continue making this game and finishing it!

I'm glad you enjoyed! Oh shit, shame that I missed those secrets! Need to play it again, I wanna see those :D Thanks for letting me know what they were. Oh my! That looks lit, is it going to be here as well? I'm looking forward to it! Looks so good.

I really enjoyed this game! But i think it didn't run so smoothly, had somekind of lag. But that was only small thing, the story and small things like those spells were nice and fun! Few good jumpscares as well. Well done developer! 

Ooohh, that explains a stuff! But that's pretty neat that I played game without seeing it, even tho I waited it a lot too.... :D
Maybe I try this game by myself, i'm curious to see what this thing is what I missed, also would love to see killer chasing me finally. But I think I have understand bit more of this game, but can't say yet much, before I replay this! Thank you so much for answering.

Nice game! Really atmospheric. Would be nice to have that story in the game as well, because without reading it, this bit confusing. or ofc dead people and newspaper... but still. I still enjoyed the game! Don't get me wrong :D

I got really high resident evil / silent hill vibes from this game. It was short, beautiful and I enjoyed it. Even tho had to say speaking parts to happening took so much time. Like I was just waiting and waiting before gate opens... Anyway, cool game.

Did you update the game or did I do something wrong because I only saw the killer ones and then he didn't bother me at all... I just kind of walked to the end lol. Anyway, it was atmospheric game, left many questions too!

I have same problem! 

first I thought this is basic horror house experience, but I was quite surprised that it wasn't! I went to the deepest place which could be my head. I really enjoyed game mechanic, even tho i'm not sure if I'm blind, stupid or keys were sneaky as hell because it took so long time lmao. I wait chapter 2!

I tried this game, goddamn this was challenging game. Somekind of savepoint or something could be fun. Annoying listen all dialog at the begin over and over again. It isn't really horror (for now, dunno about future) but I still enjoyed (and got pissed off) this game. Great job :D

I didn't expect that this is so good.Even tho way too short lmao, I want to play more! English subtitles would be nice, I read that it's not your native language, but maybe someone could translate? :) Just suggestion. I can't wait another part!

I really liked this game! Very atmosphere, I'm not sure were those mythology things included some stories felt like it! 

This game shows you don't need to bring bloody corpses in your face to get scared. 

Waiting for full releasing! 

I just couldn't find the last door. I was so confused and I think I just go somekind of circle and when ghost catch me could see shit. lmao. I liked the art tho and it's nice that have stamina + battery. But the maze was too confusing, everything looks same.

Anyway, I made a video of this. its second one. :) ~4:52

Hello! I deside to play this game and at the begin I was so confused, never heard AZERTY lmao. Poor france... Anyway, about the game. The game was intensive and quite fun, even tho I would love that there was something more than hole poking and police. Enemy is nice extra tho!

The game is first one

I had hard time in this game, and before it (launching problems) but I managed play it throught. I really enjoyed the game and the art style was the thing why I picked this game up! This game has funny idea and great enemies, place looks incredible. Some cons/bugs below but SPOILERS. But thanks for nice game! :D


-When you are trying to touch the doll in the class room, last table has something blocking on, so it need to be specific angle to reach it

- I kept dying on in 3 rooms ( I know, I suck ) and I was bit frustrated about it and then I had to start at the door, far away. So annoying to walk from there.

- When I played this first time and I was stuck on painting room and I actived paintings, at the some point when I died 666 times it didn't anymore accept active anything, just opening door (I could'nt open that box either)