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I wasn't able to get good ending unfortunately. I guess I also rushed a bit and didn't find the key, like always. But this was really cool game, the VHS style and sewers atmospheric was so creepy. Also unexpected deahts! :D

I really didn't know what kind of game is here, but being Mortuary Assistant sounds way too good to be true!

Okay, the game really started interesting way, I was so into finding stuff around the area, somehow I was bit expecting that I can cut the body JUST BEING SURE IT'S DEAD. I took lots of stuff on my hand, but wasn't sure how to get off those. I restarted the game and realize I need to put things where they belong to get hands free. But anyway. THEN STARTED TO HAPPEN. Instant The Exorcist movie feeling!

Also I don't wanna see old naked women. lol

I'm really waiting to get some more of this game! I wanna know what's going to happen next! :D

this was really interesting see how you create this sleeping paralysis experience. I wasn't that scary, but one jumpscare got me. I bet if this would be VR this would been creepy as fuck! Is this based to own experiences? ;)

This was really well made! I enjoyed to explore the map, but also pissed off because this would been epic game and we never get it...

I was really impressed how spooky this game were, jumpscares totally got me. I was bit confused at the begin but then I found a way. I was bit frustrated, I don't play often these kind of games but this was totally worth to try out! I also made video of it :)

This game truly had pt vibe, i also find similarities with layers of fear! I kind of rushed this game and i wanna apologize it. But i still enjoyed! I liked how the rooms were telling stories as well like the red room. 

I also played this to my channel

This was funny short game! I really enjoyed those jumpscares which even got me. Ofc the game need polishing but overall the game were really enjoyed and i have to give credits for two endings! 

I played this game, it was very nice, but the dynamite part was freaking annoying and made me rage a lot. Unfortunately i wasn't able to beat it because lack of time. I think if I would give a hour for it I could beat it. Pretty unforgiving lol. But overall I really enjoyed the game! Also i made video of it where I show my face first time! 

You really catch the atmospheric to this game! I was so sad that it ended very quickly, but it was very nice and terrifying! Never played SH but I think still its terrifying game. Thank you for short remake!

am I real? Is that real? HOW I SHOULD KNOW WHAT IS REAL OR NOT.

It Lies community · Created a new topic I played this game!

This was the last game what I played, dunno did I do right or what happened but I wasn't able to finish it. The monster didn't chase me and I lost the dog. Also the monster got stuck? at some point so I was able to check it. But overall pretty scary game!

I really had fun trying this out, it had interesting mechanics and littlebit story of it. Even when the game was really short, it was able to give few jumpscares even which is plus!
I can't wait to see more of this game later on future!

My gameplay of it:

I really enjoyed this one! I never was able to get original P.T. so it was nice to get somekind of touch to it! I have seen some of original clips, but I don't remember those. I often rush a game throught and missed few details on last video, but now I was able to finish this and i'm happy about it!

this was the second game of my video! I really liked the atmospheric and the spookyness when you couldn't see anything. ALSO, MANNEQUINS! GODDAMN. Always creeping me out. I liked that lantern which gives you blueish light!

How I have missed this game?! I was so waiting your Akai Noroi game to steam that i didn't even realize you have something else to offer too! I really liked this one, I see  you used some same stuff what was in Perdita. Just wondering, should that hanging woman move?! lmao. but really atmospheric and sad game!

I did 3 horror games video, this one was first one! It was pretty good made in 10 days! It had creepy moment, but I didn't found any story. Over all, no bugs or anything what I could complain, it was fun to play!

Also thank you for the key! I really appreciate 😊

I deside to replay this because of update and oh wow how terrifying it is! I only played like 15-30min because i wanted to see was there any updates at begin. I can't wait to continue this game soon! Well made game. Even when i played this game few months ago i thought this is freaking amazing

Also i played it in youtube 

Thank you for asking me to play this game. This was really neat! Not so scary tho and based more puzzle solving than spookiness but the puzzles were interesting. I was able to solve all what I found and then I didn't know what to do or where to go or what to do items what I have. anyway here is video of it!

This was really fun and terrifying game! I didn't know what to expect but this turn out really enjoyable! Very atmospheric and I got scared lol.
Well done!

Here is part 2!

No problem, it was really interesting! Also funny timing as well, because it remainds Big Brother -show which started last week here.

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Goddamn this game was fascinating! I really loved this. Even tho i had problems with one scene but nice feature that i could skip it. I made video of this and it will have 2 parts!

I didn't know what game i pick but turned out that this was quite hilarious game! I laugh to this, very well done game. 

This was quite funny game to play! Shame that at the middle i realize that i have seen gameplay and jumpscares didn't get me so badly. I overall enjoyed this game! 

It's the first one 

I really enjoyed this game! I was so surprised how good it look. The story watch cathing, but I have to say it need polish and some bugs. I drop in the ground and I was stuck. Also the items are quite small to notice, took long time to find a key. But over all very well done!

I didn't know what to expect this game, also i was bit sceptic. I don't see pixeling games scary, but oh boy how spooky this one was! I didn't really want to walk anywhere. Also nice ending, creepydeepy. 

I made a video of this. It's the second one of my video. 

I really enjoyed this game! I was even bit surprised that there was two endings and how the characters didn't act same! Very well done, i was freaking anxious when i played this game. I made video as well, it's the first game of video

I really enjoyed the game, even  tho it ended way too soon. I hope you ccontinue this game. Also I had to start over again because I got stuck when I opened door where I had to use key. But I don't find anything else to complain :D

I didn't know what to expect with this game, but pictures looked so neat! I'm glad that i played this game, i liked the story and how we went to past and present. I was bit spooked and have to say, i just hate mannequins so much. 

At the beging. Thank you for giving me a key!
This game was incredible and I can't wait to play more. So atmospheric and I really didn't expect what is going to happen next. The are reminds me a littlebit of Silent Hill!

Also the story behind it... I don't know what to say to that. You really nailed with this game. I really wanna see what full game includes. That teaser what you left to the end was so good and disturbing!

I really liked this game! I didn't have any bug issues or anything. I got spooked quite few times, so nice! Definitely wanna play whole game when it has released. So much potential!

This was really good game. I can't wait that you continue the story! I even got scared which was really nice. I didn't find any problems with his game, I found pretty easily all keys. I'm not sure tho did I miss something. Over all I enjoyed a lot! Good job :D