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I have same problem! 

first I thought this is basic horror house experience, but I was quite surprised that it wasn't! I went to the deepest place which could be my head. I really enjoyed game mechanic, even tho i'm not sure if I'm blind, stupid or keys were sneaky as hell because it took so long time lmao. I wait chapter 2!

I tried this game, goddamn this was challenging game. Somekind of savepoint or something could be fun. Annoying listen all dialog at the begin over and over again. It isn't really horror (for now, dunno about future) but I still enjoyed (and got pissed off) this game. Great job :D

I didn't expect that this is so good.Even tho way too short lmao, I want to play more! English subtitles would be nice, I read that it's not your native language, but maybe someone could translate? :) Just suggestion. I can't wait another part!

I really liked this game! Very atmosphere, I'm not sure were those mythology things included some stories felt like it! 

This game shows you don't need to bring bloody corpses in your face to get scared. 

Waiting for full releasing! 

I just couldn't find the last door. I was so confused and I think I just go somekind of circle and when ghost catch me could see shit. lmao. I liked the art tho and it's nice that have stamina + battery. But the maze was too confusing, everything looks same.

Anyway, I made a video of this. its second one. :) ~4:52

Hello! I deside to play this game and at the begin I was so confused, never heard AZERTY lmao. Poor france... Anyway, about the game. The game was intensive and quite fun, even tho I would love that there was something more than hole poking and police. Enemy is nice extra tho!

The game is first one

I had hard time in this game, and before it (launching problems) but I managed play it throught. I really enjoyed the game and the art style was the thing why I picked this game up! This game has funny idea and great enemies, place looks incredible. Some cons/bugs below but SPOILERS. But thanks for nice game! :D


-When you are trying to touch the doll in the class room, last table has something blocking on, so it need to be specific angle to reach it

- I kept dying on in 3 rooms ( I know, I suck ) and I was bit frustrated about it and then I had to start at the door, far away. So annoying to walk from there.

- When I played this first time and I was stuck on painting room and I actived paintings, at the some point when I died 666 times it didn't anymore accept active anything, just opening door (I could'nt open that box either)



I have AVAST antivirus and when it was scanning I just quit it and it said file is okay, but if I let it run, it quarante the game.

lol, sorry for spamming. I managed to play the game, but when I was in the room where was empty paintings and that monster which had spike, I got stuck. How do I solve this puzzle? Also when I tried many times I couldn't anymore active paintings or lootbox at the hallway. Bug or something else?

I don't know what I did. I downloaded it different folder (this was 4 time, because when I tried to old folder put it, it didn't accept the game in etc.), everything went similar as at the first time but now somehow its working correctly. Weird.

Hi! I just wanted to play this game, download went fine but then I tried to open the game my antivirus put game to quarantine. Never happened before when I have downloaded games from here. Any solutions? (than that I take antivirus off)

Owww, I really wanted that this would continue littlebit longer. I used steam demo, dunno if its different than this. But anyway. I really enjoyed the gameplay and I was anxious long time because I was expecting something bad will happen! I add this to my wishlist to see when it pops out. Still I hope full versio will have something more, now it was mostly walking....

I also recorded video, I hope you enjoy!

I really enjoy this game! I don't know how it felt so spooky. I saw screenshot what you are going to add this game.. Oh god. Heart attack will come! Also I would love to play full versio of this! 

But about game. We are going to abandoned hotel and see weird symbols on walls. Again you can't fight with the monster, but I like that kind of games. 

Game takea about 30min to finish. 

Third one starts ~10:30 I really didn't expect how this ended. Funny short game!

Second one is Something in the dark (3:25 about). I didn't know what to expect and when I get scared. But I liked this game! I was so sure I will die in basement. Good job!

First video is Plague. It was very nice and I got scared. And i'm curious about the doctor. So many questions! Can't wait to see more and where this game is going.


Very entertaining game! Got spooped few times. Also she got stuck few times on door. Still anyway fun game, concept is simple but it works on this game! 


Two games in one video. First one is Half, second one, this, starts aroung 6:00. Fun, not typical horror game, more like scary shouts and maniac Marge. Anyway, fun game to play and for time killing.

Here is two games in one video. First one is this Half. This game was short, but enjoyable. It had few very good jumpscares as you can see in video. And I reeeaally didn't expect what happened in this game. I liked it a lot!

I was confused at first, but then I understand what I had to do. Game had few good jumpscares and I even died once.  Even that this was short game, I enjoyed it a lot. Also voices were great, sound really terrifying :D

Promising game! I liked a lot of puzzles, could be harder imo. So nice work! I can't wait full versio of this.

Oh, where I begin? This game is absolutely amazing! In game there was so much to do and look. These puzzles was creative and really fun to solve, not too hard but not too easy. I didn't believe that only DEMO game made me feel that I have been playing this a long and I know what kind of characters they are.  I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU CONTINUE! I wanna know more! I seriously could buy full versio.... And yea, I made a video as well. :)

Oh, my bad then! Just curious, that puzzle where was flying trees, was there some other solution than jump to the wall and other side? :D And don't get me wrong, I liked this game. :)

I played this game and recorded, if you wanna watch. But the game was way shorter than 30-45min, so did I miss something? :D And I thought there is different endings, oh well. Still prettyn fun game

The game was short and not a lot to discover, but besides of that the game was pretty good! Even that I after game I understand the story. This had nice art style tho! That's was the first thing why I pick this up.

This was positive surprise how good this game was! Great jumpscares and story.  I would not to visit in this house. :D

I played year ago when there was only part 1, now I bought the full game and damn! I'm enjoying this. Can't wait to play more!

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I reeeeally hope that chapter 2 is coming! I'm still thinking what is happening next?

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This was first game what I played on my channel and I really enjoy it! I didn't catch the idea, but the game was great.