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Promising game! I liked a lot of puzzles, could be harder imo. So nice work! I can't wait full versio of this.

Oh, where I begin? This game is absolutely amazing! In game there was so much to do and look. These puzzles was creative and really fun to solve, not too hard but not too easy. I didn't believe that only DEMO game made me feel that I have been playing this a long and I know what kind of characters they are.  I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU CONTINUE! I wanna know more! I seriously could buy full versio.... And yea, I made a video as well. :)

Oh, my bad then! Just curious, that puzzle where was flying trees, was there some other solution than jump to the wall and other side? :D And don't get me wrong, I liked this game. :)

I played this game and recorded, if you wanna watch. But the game was way shorter than 30-45min, so did I miss something? :D And I thought there is different endings, oh well. Still prettyn fun game

The game was short and not a lot to discover, but besides of that the game was pretty good! Even that I after game I understand the story. This had nice art style tho! That's was the first thing why I pick this up.

This was positive surprise how good this game was! Great jumpscares and story.  I would not to visit in this house. :D

I played year ago when there was only part 1, now I bought the full game and damn! I'm enjoying this. Can't wait to play more!

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I reeeeally hope that chapter 2 is coming! I'm still thinking what is happening next?

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This was first game what I played on my channel and I really enjoy it! I didn't catch the idea, but the game was great.