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>Also the game crashed whenever The Leader and Kitty were about to fight.

Wow, this was the most obscure thing ever, the debug build treated files with japanese characters in them s l i g h t l y different, so it worked under debug, but not the final release build (which I don't test dedicatedly, because I assumed there wouldn't be that much of a difference except some speedups). I uploaded the debug exe now. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll be more careful with that from now on, wow, really didn't see that one coming.

There is actually a fullscreen combo under Windows, it's CTRL+Enter, I've added that to the description now. A button prompt would be a good idea too, you're right (A bit too much to just fix it like the other stuff, but I'll keep it in mind for next time and add something to the description). Thanks for testing it and the loads of helpful feedback!