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I finally implemented your idea! :-)

RunToTheStairs got a new feature - the player may now dig tunnels!
For this purpose a new collectible item called "drill" was introduced which enables the player to remove one wall element by bumping into it. 
The possibility of digging allows the player to take greater risks when taking alternative routes, since this will enable him to rescue himself by spending some resources (drills) if his route decision turns out to be wrong.
Please check out the commented High-Score-Table on the games! Meanwhile there are more than 25 entries in this table (5 of them by youtubers). So please consider to give RunToTheStairs a go and see how high you can climb on this table. ;-)


Oh Awesome!  I'll give it a go :)

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RunToTheStairs now uses a graphical tileset and looks much better. The only problem is that it requires WebGL 2.0 which is not supported by all browsers yet. I would be pleased if you could test if it runs on your system. Please name your operating system and browser. Thank you! :-)
If it does not run at your system you can still play the ASCII-only-version of RunToTheStairs.


I tried it and it works great!  win10 and chrome.  the tiles are really nice and work well with the music!

Thank you for testing and the nice feedback! 

When the game was still ASCII my musician Dekkanoid asked for the tileset I am planning to use in the future. He used it as a source of inspiration when composing this music.

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RunToTheStairs got another big update!

  • There are now more than 300 character-sprites in the game. The sprites of your opponents are randomly chosen at each new game.
  • The character-sprites and some obstacles are now animated by simple two-frame-animations.