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Hey man,

I'm currently close to releasing a new update with some improvements across the board. The parry is something I'm currently looking at as I think the mechanic needs some extra depth. I can also add a stance indicator - I imagine that'd be useful for playing with the mouse controls.

Your comment inspired me to try out a survival mode like you mentioned - that's done now, and it will be in the new update. If you thought the blood looked ridiculous before, imagine what it looks like after 10 fights in a row :)

Thanks for playing.

I am happy to hear that you're continouing the development of the game!
Yeah i am pretty excited to see the survival mode :D, all the blood effects would make it look really cool.

Also are you planning on a LAN mode any time soon? I would love to play with my friends sometimes Maybe even a 2v2 where you have 2 planes of duels (As in, it would be the same way as it is now, but 2 different depths on the screen). I know it's a bit hard to implement, especially i have no idea how it would be done in GameMaker (since i use Unity myself, previously used GameMaker a bit)