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Your downloadable files use "win32" as part of the filename, implying that they contain a 32-bit windows build. However, I am unable to run the windows version, as it claims to not be a 32-bit program. I was mightily looking forward to using this program, as it seemed that I would finally be able to make a gameboy game in the style of Yume Nikki, which is something I've wanted to do for a while now. Please create an actual 32-bit version. I apologize for being so harsh, but this greatly disappoints me, as I'm sure it has others. And if there is to be no 32-bit version, please do call it as such.


Unfortunately Microsoft confusingly names things here win32 is the platform not the processor architecture, and it supports 64-bit these days.

64-bit Windows has the Win32 API at its core, with pointer sizes (and pointer sized things) increased to 64-bits, but otherwise the API is intact. There is no Win64 API. It is an unfortunate artifact of naming that the Win32 API is at the heart of writing 64-bit unmanaged code, but that is history for you.

But fortunately for you I do have a Windows 32- bit build, I'd just not uploaded it to yet. I was waiting for the next release, but since you asked I've uploaded it :-)

Please excuse me for being so rude. Thanks for uploading the 32-version, and I hope great stories are given voice with this engine. Also, GB greenish-monochrome rocks:3


No worries Norsaken, hope you enjoy using it :-) watch out for the new version coming soon!