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Hi Olyboat, sorry we probably haven't made this very clear yet but we've merged all the "Set Actor Position" versions into a single event.

If you add "Set Actor Position" and click the little button to the right of the X/Y inputs you can choose link either to use a variable instead. This lets you do things like taking X from a variable and Y as a number.

Hi reubeola, this is very weird as gbspack is a tool that I wrote for packing game data, but I'm also seeing Windows Defender flag it as malicious. It seems to be a false positive.

I'm currently making changes to remove the need for gbspack for now and will be pushing an update using an alternative method soon.

Thanks, for the report. We've managed to see this error sometimes now too and are looking to fix it in GB Studio 3.0.1 soon.

Hi, are you using 32-bit Windows by any chance? It looks like there's a problem building in that version which we're looking to fix in GB Studio 3.0.1  soon.

Hi, You can download the previous releases at, you'll want 2.0.0-beta5. Though you'll need to open your backup version as migrated projects can't be opened in older versions.

Judging by the error you're seeing there it looks like you might have a "Set Actor Sprite Sheet" event that is switching an actor to use a sprite that's been deleted, if you check through all of them you should hopefully find the source of the problem.

I've also just written a fix for the error you're seeing which will be included in a bug fix release GB Studio 3.0.1 hopefully within the next few days.

Hopefully coming in the next update :-) the new game engine has a lot more sound effect options, I’ve not exposed all that new functionality in GB Studio’s user interface just yet.

Lovely idea, thanks for sharing :-)

Hi Nemokitty9, I'm not able to reproduce this issue. I've just set up a new Ubuntu install and tried the download here to check but doing the same command worked for me. I don't have a Chromebook to be able to test this on, does that have an ARM or an Intel processor do you know? It's possible GB Studio doesn't work on a Chromebook :-( Which Linux distribution are you running? 

Not just yet but there is someone working on getting GB Studio to run on a Raspberry Pi, I just bought a pi 4 myself to test it out. Can't commit to a release date yet but we're working on it :-)

Good news, the version 1 documentation has been translated into Spanish already and is available at

Hi flashofhorizons, I’ve just uploaded beta4 now. Hoping this version fixes the issues you were having :-)

Hi Staey, I’ve just uploaded beta4 that should fix this for you if you want to give it a go :-)

Yep! You can choose to download for free :-) payment is completely optional but much appreciated

Hi Staey, I think this is caused by an issue in Beta3 where it's not stopping you from writing too much text in the "Display Dialogue" events and something you have written is too long causing it to overflow into the memory used for the background tiles. Did it appear after talking to someone or does the game show that as soon as you start? If you could try reducing the amount of text in some of you dialogue boxes it might help. The next beta will have a fix for this so you can't type more than will be able to fit again.

Hi flashofhorizons, I've been trying on a bunch of Macs today to reproduce the error you're seeing to give you some advice on what to try and I think I've got a fix for you.

I'm working on a beta4 at the moment, once it's released I think you should be able to build your game correctly :-)

Looks like you’re on a Mac, could you try this

(1 edit)

Which version are you trying to use Windows/Mac/Linux and v1.2.1 or v2.0.0beta? I've sometimes seen issues like this that get fixed on a Mac by installing Apple's command line tools

You own the rights to anything you make with GB Studio, so go ahead you can upload them and sell them wherever you like :-)

That's a great idea I'll definitely look to do this in a future release! :-)

Love it!

Hah, awesome! Super hacky but looks great! :D

I would like to eventually, yes

Unfortunately not :-) I have no plans for GBA support. If someone else wants to make an application to build GBA games though they totally should do it!

GB Studio is written in a combination of Javascript, Typescript (for the user interface) & C (for the game engine part). I’m using React as a UI framework and Electron to build it is a desktop application and then I’m using GBDK to build the game files. The source code is all freely available here if you’re interested

I don’t use Arch but it sounds like you can extract the .deb or if you can grab the source from GitHub and build yourself too

You can get to the Settings page by using the drop down in the top left of the app where there is a checkbox ”Enable Color Mode” that you can untick to get back to just a GB  game. The next beta will actually have better wording when you enable it explaining how to revert back :-)

Hi SeanSS which version are you using? It’s almost instant for me on both the Mac and Windows 64-bit versions. Does it work eventually or does it never load? Anyone else having this problem?

Squirrel is just an easy install version, double click the application and it will install it for you and start it automatically and create links on your Start menu. The other Windows versions just come as a zip file that you have to manage yourself.

I think the 64-bit Windows  Squirrel versions are the ones for you :-) version 1.2.1 is a bit more stable than 2.0.0 but the new one lets you make platform games and shoot em ups as well as make games in color!

At the moment it's just .mod files that are supported. The community has put some instructions together with a list of applications for making the files though at

Yeah it can :-) some people have even been making physical cartridges to sell their games like Dragonborne

Hah, ooops! Looks like changing the trigger and adding a hidden collision wall like this should stop the issue. I'll make a change like this in the next beta release, thanks for spotting it!

One thing you could try is using software designed creating tiled game backgrounds. Tiled is free and is perfect for this kind of thing Eventually I'd like this kind of functionality built directly into GB Studio but it might take a while :-)

I'd definitely like this too, it's not going to be there for the next release but both music and tile editing (and sprite editing for that matter) are things I'd like to include eventually

Thanks! Can't wait until it's ready for people to start using :-)

Nice work! I think you'll like the next version of GB Studio when platformers will have a lot more support :-)

Looks great! :-D

Thanks! :-)

Hi Phil, that’s pretty much it! The viewport part is just in Itch, once you upload the zip and set it as web playable Itch asks for a width/height to use. All you need to do from GB Studio is the web export :-)

Some people have managed to do it with the current version but this is something I’m going to be adding officially in the next big release ;-)