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Hi bowmaster91, I think the problem you had should be fixed in version 1.1.1 now, maybe you could try updating and have another go :-)

Hi Quantum Sheep, good point. 1.1.1 was just a small update to fix an issue some people were having if they started GB Studio using the Itch launcher app. If you're able to build a game file without any errors then you can probably skip this version!

Hey, by any chance did you install using the app? There seems to be some issues with installing that way, you might have better luck by downloading through the website directly or using the download from

No worries Norsaken, hope you enjoy using it :-) watch out for the new version coming soon!

Unfortunately Microsoft confusingly names things here win32 is the platform not the processor architecture, and it supports 64-bit these days.

64-bit Windows has the Win32 API at its core, with pointer sizes (and pointer sized things) increased to 64-bits, but otherwise the API is intact. There is no Win64 API. It is an unfortunate artifact of naming that the Win32 API is at the heart of writing 64-bit unmanaged code, but that is history for you.

But fortunately for you I do have a Windows 32- bit build, I'd just not uploaded it to yet. I was waiting for the next release, but since you asked I've uploaded it :-)

I agree, going to keep updating so it should have tools like this at some point! :-)

Glad you're having fun :-D Randomise variable is one of the features in the latest developer release so that should be coming soon!

Definitely want to keep improving it yeah, this is just the first release so more will come in time. The latest developer versions have Saving now so that will come with the next release :-) Not sure when it will be yet though.

Hi Zephan, glad you're enjoying it! There is a Discord at that might be the best way to ask for guidance for now :-)

Just released the source project and assets for this on GitHub at by the way, so you can take it apart and see how it works! You can open this project using GB Studio.

Well that is unexpected! I can't explain it but enjoy your colour version then!  :-D

This was a great game! Loved the fake out restart :-D I think you're right, we might share the same humor!

Those last few levels got frustrating but made it through in the end! Looks great, well done!

Really cute game, and lots of fun!

Nice one! This is a great idea and crazy hard!

Played this one through to the end, cool Metroid vibes!

Really cool idea and looks great! Controls were a little awkward (kept forgetting if I should press F or shift and then dying) and I couldn't make it past the water at the bottom of the sewer. Good work!

Thanks for the kind words! :) and haha, you’re not actually reading too much into it at all. There’s a video games exhibit at the V&A museum in London at the moment, one of the things there was a spreadsheet that the Journey devs made mapping the sections of the game to the stages of the monomyth I took a photo if you’re interested. That inspired me to do the same so I spent a few hours mapping out the journey in a similar way, really helped putting a structure in place. The game’s not as long as I’d like but the deadline was 7 days from start to finish but there’s always room for a sequel!

My game engine doesn’t support sound effects or music yet but I do make reference to that in the story xD GBC is probably next!

Thanks for playing Jmation! I think it maybe wasn't clear enough where to go at that point!! I've just pushed a small update as it looks like there was a game breaking bug around there you may have run into also.

If you'd like to give it another go I've made you a little map of the forest

There's a lot more content past that point, it would be a shame to miss it. Here's the full world map

That image is a sneak peak into a GameBoy RPG maker I've been working on for a while now, this was the first real test making something with it!

Also your game looks really cool btw, love the art style!