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The English translation needs some work. I appreciate the effort of adding an English version, but as it stands it is hard to read in some spots.

Edit: Also in some spots the text still appears in Chinese 


I'm sorry for your bad experience in English version. Our translator is first time in translating. English version isn't finish so it still have chinese text. If you want to correct our text or figure the text you don't understand, you can reply here or email us. I will reply you when i'm not busy.


I'm willing to help with the English version. I cannot translate it because I don't know Chinese, but I'd love to help "polish" the text up once your translator is done with it so it reads better to native English-speakers.

That' great.  I'm the translator. How I contract you?  Do you use telegram or discord? 

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Im  have no idea how you guys translate your novel, but i assume it is by hand  and not a computer. If that is the case could you  not just copy and paste your text into a translator  like google translate or DeepL instead.


Sorry for inconvenience, I am one of the translation team. We did use tools like ChatGPT or the new bing as the assistant of our translation. Considering we divided the translation work into parts so we can work together, so the quaility of the translation may be vary because the preference of each translator. But one thing I can guarantee is that we won't just simply copy and paste the text into google translate or DeepL or anything like that.

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I have a hard time believing this. ChatGPT provides a lot better translations than the current version contains. Just pulling up some random examples:

# "而且冒着大雨出来面试并不是个好主意,你感受着鞋子里的雨水,一种极度不舒服的感觉自脚下传出."
"Citizen like that will be assigned job. The human like you who need to find job himself is rare. "
ChatGPT: "Moreover, it's not a good idea to come out for an interview in heavy rain. You can feel the rainwater in your shoes, which is an extremely uncomfortable feeling spreading from under your feet."

Which.... isn't even remotely the same sentence, no idea what happened there.

    # "那是一名雌性的野兽,丰满的身材与这里的一切相得益彰,你甚至能时不时地看到她因为过于丰满,胸口受到了桌面边缘的挤压,可惜这福利对于你来说并没有太多吸引力,你更喜欢另外一个性别的人这样做."
 "That is a female beast whose figure is so good and fit everything here. You can even see her chest press by table because her busty. But is pity because that welfare it's not attracted you. You rather beast of another gender does that."
ChatGPT: "That is a female beast with a full figure that complements everything here. You can even occasionally see her chest being squeezed by the edge of the table because of her ample size. Unfortunately, this perk doesn't have much appeal to you as you prefer people of a different gender to do so."

That said, I want to improve things, and would be happy to offer support redoing the translation with ChatGPT in the quality provided above. I have written a tool to do so with ren'py automatically.


We have examined the text again with our new contributor Static. The text do need some polish. Like I said before, due to the translator's preference, the quality may vary. So on behalf of the team, I apologise for the poor translation. Shout out for Static. A new polished version should be published in near future. Thank you all for the contribution to the game and the furry community.

And I would appreciate it very much if you could provide some suggestions on translation. It would be even better if you could point out the specific text that makes you hard to read. Feel free to share your idea with me. My e-mail address is

I'm ready to help with proofreading/editing if you still need help! I uh..  just had a lot of stuff on my plate to deal with, and i still have some left, but i would like to help as much as I can. 

It would be a shame not to see this project grow even bigger than it is right now, and to a larger audience. 

So, whenever you have some time to read and reply to this, know i'll be ready to help! Have a good one ^-^