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I really enjoyed this! I love everything about the monster - the art, the sound effects, the way the dialogue is shown. And I like the subtle touch of the child using their sibling's pronouns. :,)

I was also a little confused about the beginning - I thought maybe the monster had taken the child away from the house when their sibling was in danger? But then it seemed like that had happened much earlier.

Ah, thank you so much! I really enjoyed making the monster. I think it was my favorite part about the game, hehe. And I'm really happy that you noticed that! It's actually something I personally deal with - I'm the eldest of 6 siblings, and while three of them know about my pronouns, one of them corrects themselves and our other family members when it comes up. I know it's scary for them, and I've told them not to worry about it too much, but they are very insistent and it's just a really sweet and subtle gesture that I wanted to add to this game.

I appreciate the feedback about the beginning! The sibling had recently passed away, and my thinking was that the monster was watching from a distance without wanting to interact directly at the risk of scaring the child. This was one of the tactics they tried to implement, kind of trying to encourage her to leave and not go back home. But the child didn't completely understand, so she kept going back. I've been thinking about how I could make that kind of thing more clear, or at least less confusing, while avoiding using too much dialogue or being too on the nose about it. I do want there to be some mystery and things left up to interpretation, but I also don't want it to be /too/ confusing. It's definitely a balance I'll have to work on going forward. 

Thank you again for your comment, I really appreciate the kind words and criticism. It really means a lot to me. =)