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Based on a recommendation from RagnarRox on YouTube, I'm downloading this to play. I can't drop a tip until tomorrow, but I am following your account now, and I am going to spread the word about this. I love Le Fanu, and this story in particular, and I'm very much looking forward to this!

I'm here for the same reason. Gotta love my boy and his taste in media.

The same for me. I'm just making an account to download (and pay) other games like Faith 2... I love visual novels, so... let's go! Something great about RagnarRox is I discovered him about five days ago for that indie horror games, and I just finished watch his Rule of Rose video.

If you ever want, my own tastes tend towards well otome on here but I still know some pretty deep ones, and also some great slightly otome leaning but still horror visual novels on here. There're so many good ones, and a mix of romance and mystery and just good gimmicks and stories. itch is freakin' great.