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Nikato Salazar

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I'm here thanks to a RagnarRox video on YouTube. I'm usually download free games from this page, visual novels. I'm creating an account, and paying for this game. I love retro graphics and general horror. Please, take my breath away in the bad way. Maybe I'll stream it.

So... I'm starting from the first one. See ya when I'll beat 'em. Let's go... 

(I'm listening to the radio while the game it's downloading... and when it finished, the radio stops... for real no signal on any station for a while. Creepy)

The same for me. I'm just making an account to download (and pay) other games like Faith 2... I love visual novels, so... let's go! Something great about RagnarRox is I discovered him about five days ago for that indie horror games, and I just finished watch his Rule of Rose video.