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Oh gosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LOVELY COMMENT! This is such a nice thing to wake up to, thank you!
I'm so glad you liked the game-- even though this game is slightly older now it still has a very big place in my heart and I'm SO EXCITED to hear you'll be checking out the rest of the story.

Speaking of, when it comes to the comic(s) I would say there's not any wrong way to enjoy-- as you'll get the ideas of what's going on reading in whatever order you please.

Here's my recommended order regardless: The 18+ 3 chapter comic, then check out either the VN or the ongoing coming. The 18+ comic is FINISHED which is why I recommend checking it out before the ongoing stuff. The ongoing comic is the prologue (meaning it comes before the 18+ comic) and the VN is the epilogue (meaning it comes after it.) I hope that makes sense!

And here's the chronological order of all of that stuff, in case you were curious: Solanaceae: Prologue comic (it'll be a few chapters long), Solanaceae, an R18 comic (it's 3 chapters long), Solanaceae: The Visual Novel (it will be VERY LONG) and then Solanaceae: Another Time happens years and years later. (which you already played, yay!)

I wish I had MORE stuff finished for the series but for now you at least get to watch as the story unfolds in both directions, timeline wise! WHICH I THINK IS PRETTY EXCITING!

Also, super glad to hear you liked Battam <3 He's a fav of mine! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!

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Haha I'm glad it made you happy but all I said was just truth!! <3 

Thanks for telling me all the timeline, now I understand all of it And... I need to read all of this  ! And... You don't know how much I'm hyped right now to ear that we will have another VN ! Way longuer on top of this ! I can't wait to see it ! I can't wait to see them together and I hope everything will go well for them !! :p 

And... Seeing the story unfold is not exciting, it's WAY MORE THAN EXCITING ! Gah I want to travel in time to see how it goes ! But It's also nice to just wait to see :o 

Anyways, have a nice day too !! Mine is about to end (I'm french) but the story you told me today with your VN made it greater :D

Ps : I'm kinda glad to ear that you love Battam too... Because that mean I will be able to see new adventures of him and his love from time to time ! Too coooooool !

It's still very sweet to hear!

And yes, the VN will come out in smaller updates until it's one large VN, so it's ongoing kind of like a webcomic is. Right now just the first update is out publicly (and the second is up forPatreon supporters, for $1) and I'm hoping to have up to update 3, 4? Done within this year I hope! (First I gotta finish another big game of mine.)

It's very exciting for me to be working on SO MUCH SOLA and it's so nice when other people are excited too!!

I hope you have a good night and don't worry-- BATTAM WILL BE AROUND FOR A LONG WHILE. He's my good, slightly evil looking boy and he will have many many grand adventures for you to enjoy <3

Okey I'll check it thanks :D

Nice to hear that his adventures are not over ! :D

Yipeee :D

<3 <3 <3 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the other comics/games!

I will love it for sure but I'll tell you how much ! <3 <3 <3