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1.get down the obvious hole and get 3 L shapes.
2.get up again and to the left cliff to get the horizontal line
3. go to the right area across the gap to get another L shape.
4. go the liquid path (right from the big middle hole, small path, ehre you exit previously), where you need horizontal shape, to get vertical shape.
5. final missing shape 5 in next comment

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for shape 5:
go down the whole you did in the games beginning.
but DONT just fall down into the liquid on the left side!

Rather climb down along the left side.
See that sideways S block arrangement with a
single block on the top right of it?
Which you can only reach by climbing in from the left side?
yeah, climb in there.
Between the single block and the S, go into the one tile liquid opening there,
do a 180 in the water without falling off,
climb out that same hole.

right in the water, touching the surface,
now do exactly those steps:
1 up, 2 right, 1 up.
you should now be shaped in that left rotated L shape, above the single block, now with shape 5 unlocked :-)

now climb al all the way, and go to the right side (where you where in step 3. in the previous comment) and climb up there, all the long way to the end of the game...