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Did you update the game or did I do something wrong because I only saw the killer ones and then he didn't bother me at all... I just kind of walked to the end lol. Anyway, it was atmospheric game, left many questions too!

The game was designed in such a way that you are relentlessly pursued by something that wants to kill you, but it follows at a constant rate. So you can potentially beat the game without even seeing it, but it is extremely rare. You're the first to beat the game without even seeing it, and I'm actually impressed! How well you navigate the environment determines how often you encounter the creature, and many have given up from getting killed too much. You seemed to have a bit of serendipitous luck, and went straight to the end. If you want to get a more normal experience, I'm sure just playing one more time would be very different. If you'd like a challenge, there's a really important detail you missed at the end, so the questions you have can be answered with a second playthrough. Totally up to you, but I highly recommend it! There's a very specific story that took place, and your role is to discover what that is. If you don't figure it out, then you've essentially run from point A to point B. Either way, thank you so much for playing, and I'm sorry your experience was such an anomaly!

Ooohh, that explains a stuff! But that's pretty neat that I played game without seeing it, even tho I waited it a lot too.... :D
Maybe I try this game by myself, i'm curious to see what this thing is what I missed, also would love to see killer chasing me finally. But I think I have understand bit more of this game, but can't say yet much, before I replay this! Thank you so much for answering.