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Really enjoyed this game. As always, your atmosphere is super on point. You make games that are easy to get lost in, which I assume is intended. I really appreciated the message of this game, and I would love to see more devs get personal with their art like this. Excellent job, looking forward to whatever's next!

Thank you! I designed this game with the intent that people would have varying experiences with it. Some people are absolutely terrorized by the monster and just give up, and some people squeak by effortlessly. In fact, one person never even saw this monster, which was absolutely mind boggling, but it's all possible! Either way, glad you made it through and enjoyed it!

Thank you, I appreciate that! Yes, there was much left to be desired. I actually went over the deadline several hours, and they were gracious enough to extend it. I spent way too much time focusing on little details, and the mechanics suffered because of it. I had fun plans for this game, but I've got so many projects stacked up, I doubt I'll have time to come back to it. Thank you for playing! I'll have many other games to look forward to instead!

I very much enjoyed this experience.

Thanks so much for posting, I left you a comment! Also, I love that you used that image for the thumbnail, and the blue tint looks really nice!

Thank you so much for playing! Happy to hear you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for posting!

I really enjoyed this game--far more than I expected to. The concept seemed interesting enough, but it was something I needed to experience to fully understand. The atmosphere, the music, and the voice acting all work together to create a very calming environment. This game is an especially great way to wind down after a long day at work, or to de-stress before bed. It's something that leaves you smiling, even if you don't quite know why. It just feels good to play, and for me, it tapped into a new kind of experience. I'm excited to follow this game and see what other places it takes me to. Highly recommended!

Wow, I totally missed replying to this, so sorry! Thank you so much for playing and posting!!

Hi there! You know, I made this for a game jam, so I didn't have much time to optimize or test specifications. There's not a lot going on graphically in this one, so it won't be as intensive as some of my other games, but I honestly can't say how it will run on your specs. It's free though, so you can always give it a shot! Let me know if you or your friend decide to try it out, and if you have any luck!

Thank you for playing! Glad you're enjoying my games :)

Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it :)

So sorry I'm just seeing this now! Thank you so much for posting here! I left you a comment on the video!

I did!

Aw, thank you so much for this awesome post! I'll send all my thoughts over to your YouTube video :)


This is hands-down your most impressive work yet. I was blown away by how fun it was just to walk around and shoot things. You absolutely nailed the retro tank controls, especially by giving it a modern twist. Being able to turn the mouse was a game changer, and made me want to play more games with that control setup. The environments were cool, and there were definitely some heart-pounding moments. I hope to see more projects like this from you, because it seems to fit your style really well. Awesome job Aaron, and good luck in the jam results!


I absolutely loved this game. I'm definitely going to say that in terms of the overall experience, this is my favorite of all of your games. The environments and sound design worked perfectly together. This is truly a big step forward for you, and it seemed like a noticeable shift in quality to something much more polished. I can tell you took some extra care with this game, and if this is the new standard for you, I am beyond stoked to play whatever is next! Can't wait for more. Very well done, my friend.

Thank you so much for making this!! I am absolutely honored. I really enjoyed getting to play this and see your interpretation of it. I love the way you made it your own, and added different pieces to it, like the reverse dialogue. Also, the creature was way more interesting than mine, haha. Very well done Aaron, and thank you so much for the kind words!

Hey, thank you, I appreciate you posting! However, this is the wrong version of the game; you actually played my friend's remake of my game (I can see how that would be an easy mix up). Would you mind posting this on his page? It would help him out a lot! Also, if you enjoyed the concept, feel free to play the original on this page as well :) I'll check out your video though!

Here's the link to Aaron's verison:

He Keeps Me Here by Aaron Wise (

One of the staples of horror is characters making stupid decisions and dying for it. This is nothing new. If you were familiar with the horror genre, you would either realize this, or be the angriest person in the world. Not to mention, this game was made in 5 days. Your extremely harsh criticism is totally unnecessary, and a waste of your time.

Thanks so much for playing! Dropped you a comment and a sub if you want to check it out!

Thank you for the kind words, I'm stoked you liked it! Left you a comment on your video :)

You should!!

I honestly got so burnt out on this game that I'll need some time before considering going back to it haha. But don't worry, I have cooler projects in the works anyway :)

Thank you so much for playing!

Hey, thanks so much for playing! So glad you enjoyed it!


Fantastic addition to the "cave universe". I particularly loved all the different environments in this game, especially the toy store, and the way it's revisited. The board game concept was really neat, and gave the game a unique spin. I don't know if it's planned or not, but I could definitely see more games coming out of this story, and I would love to play all of them. Another great installment from Vidas Games, and highly recommended! Keep up the great work you guys!

Great new addition! As per usual, it blows my mind the things you can pull off in the time limitation of a game jam. Really incredible job. The story was dark (which I obviously prefer), and had a really interesting conclusion that made it a refreshing experience amidst so many recycled plots. I really liked the unique ambiance that was very different from the usual horror game, because it added a new level of uncertainty that I wasn't used to. The game raised a lot of questions for me throughout the experience, and seemed to answer them all at the end, which is always appreciated. As always, I'm stoked to see what you come up with next. Keep up the amazing work!

Yes, that's a bug I never got around to fixing. Basically, if you take too long to check the bath tub, the creature hits the kill Z. I had intended to send him to a certain place on the map, but I think it clipped him through the floor, and left him falling :/ This was a jam game, so I left it as-is, with a plan to eventually do a proper remake. Anyway, thanks for letting me know! It's great to have Linux feedback!

Really, really enjoyed this game. You have a keen sense for building uncertainty, and crafting something curious and intriguing. Wasn't sure what to expect from this, given that it's your first game jam, but I was totally blown away. I loved the ambiance, and all the nice little touches that are generally foregone in jam games. You did a great job making the character's home feel like a haven, and any time I ventured outside, I always ended up running to my house and bolting the front door for that sweet feeling of safety. And just walking around the house felt oddly comfortable, which isn't something I think I've quite experienced in a game before. All around, a stellar job, Aaron. Keep going at this rate, and you're going to be topping the charts with some amazing games. So stoked to ride alongside you in this adventure. Great things lie just ahead!

Oh, thank you so much! Leaving a comment on your YouTube video!

Ah, thanks man :)))

Thank you! Yes, I completely agree. The official demo is coming out later this year, and will be far less mazey, and the areas will be much more distinct. Thanks so much for playing!

Thank you Kain!! Yes, I'm actually working on it right now. Should have an official demo out before the year is over, which will be a completely new experience, with way more to do. Thank you for checking in!

Fantastic first entry. Welcome to itchio! Really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game, and I can't wait to see what you have next. I think you have tons of potential, and are bound to make some great horror games. I'm especially excited to see what you can do with more time, since this was a jam entry. Keep it up!

This was a great first entry! I haven't played a good text adventure in a while, so this was a real treat. I loved the atmosphere, and detailed descriptions. Really cool concept, and the ending was a trip! The environment descriptions painted some great imagery in my mind, and the background ambiance made it easy to get lost in that world. I love what you've done, and I'm so stoked to see what you create next! Keep making awesome games!