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You should consider sending Steam a demo of your game and seeing if they allow it. They allow games like this now. Then start up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so you can work on it (keep all rewards digital). Steam and Kickstarter allowed this game, which is made by this company I see no reason why they wouldnt allow yours. Really consider this please, this game has the same potential. Currently the game is up to $1,703,617 USD with 46,020 backers.


Hi FlyingBlind,

Thanks for your enthusiasm.

The success of the Subverse Kickstarter campaign is encouraging for adult games.  When I started making MGT I ruled out Kickstarter because back then I was a small fish with no real experience and I didn't think I could run a successful campaign.

It's very tempting to try Kickstarter now, but I have to think about those who have already pledged on Patreon.  I need to find a way to be fair to them if I also raised money from Kickstarter.

It's something I'll will have to think about very carefully.

Kind regards,


Would love to see you try it. Maybe get all your patreons  emails and allow them to create an outfit for a character, names in a special thank-you area in credits, free steam key and maybe mail them a signed poster of all the characters or something like that if you ever do a kickstarter, Look forward to seeing the future of this game.