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Would love to see you try it. Maybe get all your patreons  emails and allow them to create an outfit for a character, names in a special thank-you area in credits, free steam key and maybe mail them a signed poster of all the characters or something like that if you ever do a kickstarter, Look forward to seeing the future of this game.

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You should check out subverse. 

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You should consider sending Steam a demo of your game and seeing if they allow it. They allow games like this now. Then start up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so you can work on it (keep all rewards digital). Steam and Kickstarter allowed this game, which is made by this company I see no reason why they wouldnt allow yours. Really consider this please, this game has the same potential. Currently the game is up to $1,703,617 USD with 46,020 backers.

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Please do :), I havent played much of the game, but what I have seen, it looks great. A graveyard somewhere would be cool. Maybe make it that you have to fix her headstone, clean her coffin and find her a comfortable pillow for her coffin so she sleeps better or some stuff along those lines.

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A sexy ghost and a sexy undead zombie chick would be great.