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I'm really excited about this there a way to be able to keep track of the progress of it's development? I don't want to rush developers or make them feel obligated to update their progress all the time, but being in the loop helps with the anxiety that comes with the anticipation of a good game. I understand though, if you would rather not do a progress bar or something similar. 

Good luck! :) 


Hello, 1sab3llameow

Thank you for your interest - I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to the full game.

At the moment, The Thorns of War (TTOW) is on hiatus while I finish the other two games I'm working on: Heaven's Grave and Best Friends Forever. The sales of these games will be used to commission the remaining assets required for TTOW.

I am hoping to begin collaborating with artists again on TTOW around late summer, so once I have news to report, I will begin to post regular progress updates which I hope will keep players in the loop.

Thanks for playing