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I only got through it once so far, and it's really nice to not be able to anticipate what's happening despite already being aware about King Henry's nature and the fates of his wives. It's a good game, thank you! 

Finished the game with the help of the walkthrough, it was fun! The music was especially creepy and the descriptions...I'm just thankful that it is afternoon here haha. Would have loved to know more about Rowan though, seeing as he isn't who he actually is. 

I'm really excited about this there a way to be able to keep track of the progress of it's development? I don't want to rush developers or make them feel obligated to update their progress all the time, but being in the loop helps with the anxiety that comes with the anticipation of a good game. I understand though, if you would rather not do a progress bar or something similar. 

Good luck! :)