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Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and was actually VERY surprised with what i played. Very SH1 and RE1 in style and i can see this game having a TON of potential to be great. I can't give a lot of criticism as you state in the loading screen everything you're aware of, which is everything i could complain about. I give as much feedback and criticism as i could in my video below, if you're interested and i'd like to see this game done right and polished into something great! 

I really thank for your comment and for playing my game. I watched your video and I'm very happy to see how you liked it. I appreciate your feedback and criticism because they are very important to me for improving my project, so I hope that you will be curious about next updates.

Thanks again and stay tuned!


Yeah, i'll definitely be checking in every so often for updates. I'm curious as to where this game goes from here!