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grazie tante per il video

Hi. A new demo has been released a few days ago. Will you try it?

Grazie mille :D

Thanks a lot for playing deeply this pre-alpha. I'm looking forward to publish the new version of the game, because I'm working on it daily. Stay tuned!

Thank you! The light switch system is an important feature of the game, although the current version of the game doesn't show their utility. But in the next updates you will see a better interection with the light switches ;)

I have watched your video and I'm happy you played my game. It's a pity that you haven't seen too much of the game (you were already at the beginning) but I really appreciate what you said in the video and you're right. However, I'm working everyday to improve my project, because I want it to entertain people who like survival horror. I hope that I was able to entertain you and make you curious. Thanks again for the video.

I have seen your video and I really thank you for your feedback. What you said at the end of the video is totally true, in fact I'm working on this game every day to improve it with a lot of features inspired by classic resident evil games. I'm trying to do my best.

P.S: You're video make me laugh so much. You're awesome!

I'm glad you played my game and I appreciate all kind of criticism you did. I have watched your video and I like how you have mentioned resident evil so much, because my game is mostly inspired by that game as you said at the beginning of the video. Thanks :)

P.S.: You had the flashlight in your inventory from the beginning of the game but I don't know why its icon didn't show up (it was in the first slot of the inventory), maybe it's a bug, but a Pre-Alpha needs to find them after all.

I really thank for your comment and for playing my game. I watched your video and I'm very happy to see how you liked it. I appreciate your feedback and criticism because they are very important to me for improving my project, so I hope that you will be curious about next updates.

Thanks again and stay tuned!

This demo is too short but slightly good.

PROS: The graphic is pretty good, indeed, the quality of the model, the lighting and visual is well done. I like the setting and how it's "decorated".

NEUTRAL: It's a classic gameplay that you can see everywhere. Find a locked door, find a key, open the door, find a fuse to restore the elevator, ecc... This is good but not exciting.

CONS: The combat system is not good. The enemy hurts you easily if too close to you and using the machete is too "odd".

Anyway, this game looks promising... good job!