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Actually, Hannibal the Cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, isn't a real person. He IS based on a real person though, however the guy was older (50's?) and in a prison in Mexico when Hannibal Rising was written in 2006. 

The only real life cannibal serial killer I know of is Jeffery Dahmer.

I actually got my Associates degree in Behavioral Sciences (psychology). So I AM interested in why people do what they do, but most actually do have a reason, often something from their childhood's.

What's the 4th game?

I'll see if I like Echo and then Route 65 before hunting down Blackgate. I know I love horror films and books, but I'm not sure it'll translate to VN's.

I do like werewolf and vampire stories, but the Twilight movies weren't great. In the books, Bella Swan has a sense of humor, she's lively, and has an actual personality. Kristen Stewart has one look on her face, and it only works in thriller and horror films. She completely took away Bella's personality in the movies.

Specifically the first one. The rest stayed pretty close to the source material, but the first one was totally off.

I don't mind if the changes to supernatural stories are small-- Such as, werewolves can change themselves and it doesn't have to be the full moon, or vampires can walk in sun but have to stay in the shade or something (like Serana in Skyrim), but the glittering skin was just so.... Ugh, ridiculous. Even the 'Vegetarian vampires' who only eat animals was fine, but that skin thing was dumb. "Look at me, I'm made of diamonds! I have to stay out of the light though because people would know!" Which isn't true. People think vampires can't be in the sun, period. Nobody would think twice about someone sparkling in the sun. They'd just figure you're covered in glitter.

I don't know any of those. Maybe they're German exclusives? Even if they aren't, it's been years since I've looked into popular books.

The reason it's 'wrong' is the same as when parents tell their kids that someone's mean to them because they like them. It makes people think abusive relationships are normal. They're not. One person is an unfeeling psychopath who gets off by being a sadist, the other sticks around because of low self esteem, a misplaced obsession, or Stockholm Syndrome. 

Anybody in Harley Quinn's position needs serious therapy, and possibly to be institutionalized for the remainder of their days.

I barely played any of YAGS so I feel a review would be premature. I literally stopped right after meeting the roommate.

Horror is fine to me, but when it comes to real life... There's enough shit, I don't need to think about serial killers and cannibals too and propably terrorists and sun prayers or the path of a Hindu! No thanks...

To be honest I can't really imagine pychology being all that helpful since every persons mind is different and the reasons why people do things too. Sure there must be similarities, but these are minor, I guess. (Not that I know what I am talking about, though it makes sence to me)

The 4th game is called “1915“, sadly I don't know where to find it and what it's about. There are pictures on FA (FurAffinity) on Chase's profile, who is the writer of Echo and Adastra. (Chase is the main character in Echo, he is an otter)

I've read Echo Route 65 and it's very emotional. It's a short story, but romantic.

And if you are finished with Echo please tell me how you find it. In my opinion the very end of the story is more terrifying than the whole story! If you think about it you may understand why I think so...

Maybe you'll figure 1915 out and tell me about it?

I'm starting Blackgate now too, because I read through Adastra and Adastra 0.5 (new unofficial version) and it was great, really liked it. Adastra is basically science-fiction and pretty funny unlike Echo. I have a hate/love relationship with Echo. I hope they make more than one path and at least one good and bad ending.

Have you watched something like Netflix's Stranger Things, Dark, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The End of the Fucking World or Love/Death&Robots? Also In my opinion the movie I Kill Giants is underrated. Whatelse is there...? The movie Lucy was cool too. I like the main actor. (Some random thaughts of good movies/series) I haven't watched Dark yet and won't do. I pretend it's too similar to ST. Sabrina is, well, interesting...

Stockholm Syndrome, I forgot what it was about, if I ever knew it.

Be glad for you for stopping, playing YAGS, it was literally a waste of time and I downgraded my rating.

That's part of what fascinates me, the differences in people's thinking.

I'll try to find 1915 and give you the link if I do. 

I've watched Stranger Things, but that's the only one of what you mentioned. Lucy is good as long as you overlook the junk science they use. That crap about using 10% of your brain is bull.

Stockholm Syndrome is where someone admiresor falls in love with their kidnapper. The most obvious thing I can point you to is Beauty and the Beast. Belle suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, regardless of the Beast treating her nicer later on.

I bet it is fascinating, but does pyschology help you to understand why people are thinking something? Well, this leads to nothing...

Okay, thanks. I am unsure if it offcially exists though, we have to see.

Did you like Stranger Things? I'd give it 10/10 points.

Lucy is in no case realistic, still I don't think it was a bad movie. Isn't it funny watching super humans? I think it is.

Beauty&Beast? I haven't watched that, but I get it.

Sometimes it does. There's not always a reason, but often there is.

From Echo Project's Fur Affinity comment, "1915 is an upcoming standalone prequel VN to Echo." It was posted a week ago so it hasn't been released yet.

I'd give it a... 7/10. The second season really lost me.

I know the second season was... strange. I was still able to enjoy it and the end made me exited to see more.

Another prequel? Why not Echo 2 or a sequel? It's like the past isn't completed, I know, but that doesn't mean they have to do _another_ prequel. I wish they'd just move on the story or Idk. Do you think that's how they should do it?

So, 10/10 for season 1 I suppose. That's fair I guess.

I still haven't played through it so I honestly can't answer that, but maybe they feel more background is needed to make sense or something. You said it's horror, so it's probably something like the 80's horror films where the previous generation did something and pissed off the wrong person. In the films you only get a glimpse of what happened, but maybe they want the readers to see what happened before and feel like they're there. 

Maybe it has something to do with the design. That could be it.

And yes, it is *definetly* horror, you are very smart or educated in these things because you are right with your idea. I shouldn't have written that, but it is quite obvious, I think. I am unsure if it is really that, though it is possible. The reader doesn't experience/learn about everything that has happend and led to the events of the presence.

Fact is Echo has alot potential. The base version is incredible well written in my opinion and Echo Route 65 is romantic, at least more than Echo, sadly, because it's shorter. I propably said that already...

I downloaded two new VN's btw. if you are interested, but haven't started on them yet. They are called Project Aego and Repeat, just so you know. :)

I didn't know if I should tell you or not, because they may not be very good.

Even if they're not very good, I like hearing about new VNs. That way I can see for myself. Everyone has different tastes, after all.

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True and Iuckily already found out about a new one which looks really promising. It is called Notes of Cards. Sadly not for mobile devices available. Aaand here's another one called Lunar, seems also promising. Now I know there also exists The Butterfly Dream (TBD). Because of all these youtubers I find out about new VN's almost hourly... ^

If I have new onse I'll text them. There are also Amorous and Lovers of Aether.

And don't forget to check out “Dirk the Red Panda“ or/and UkeKooki for a kind of voice acting. Deckerlink is famous in this scenario.