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Once I saw this trick for Linux, I tried the same thing with Android, and... it worked!

I used the AGS- from the ags RC release you mentioned above. It just needs to be pointed to the data directory from the Mac release, which should be renamed to something suitable and put in your sdcard directory, like: /sdcard/ags/startrek/<data files>

Since keyboard input is required, it's rather fiddly, but I found two other apps that can help. GamePad provides a d-pad and buttons which can be configured to keyboard keys. The default d-pad assignment worked for me for the arrows, but I changed the buttons to include enter and escape, and also "0" and "2". It has 4 buttons by default but can also provide 6, so there are a couple of extra buttons that could be assigned to digits or whatever. I always set my shields to 2000, so having those two digits was enough for me to play. ;) Having escape also allows for bringing up the in-game settings menu. And the ags app has a built in selection of "special" keyboard keys and combos including the function keys, so F1 is available there if needed.

Keyboard Switcher is a useful extra to allow for easy switching to the gamepad keyboard and back.

With all that in place it's quite playable on Android! The only slight annoyances are:

- visible pointer (don't need it with touchscreen and it just gets in the way -- could that be an option to turn off in the game settings menu?)
- tapping for warp feels weird, but maybe I'm just used to playing the pico-8 version; I kinda want to be able to move a selection with arrows and then lock it in with enter
- having the option to get rid of the numeric entry for phasers and shields would be nice; the sliders on the pico-8 version are great and could work just as well here. ;)

Wow, this is amazing. Unfortunately, I don't have an Android phone, so I can't try it, but I think this can be useful for many players.  Keys to move in the Galaxy map view, plus sliders for shields and phasers, are on the top of my list now. The next release will have them. Hopefully, at that point, you don't need the additional apps.
The option to remove the pointer is easy; I can do that.

Thanks a lot for this detailed report. I hope you can join the discord server.