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I added the cartridge in the download section of this page. Enjoy! :)

Thanks a lot! Yes, there are a lot of remakes out there. I know EGATrek, but I have never heard about Visual Trek. I'll have a look for sure. I have a half idea about making a list of the most popular remakes and making a table with all the features they added. I'll let you know if I'm able to do it :)

Great! Much better now :)

Fantastic job! Just played. The small additions, like the colors on the LRS, are a nice touch. This makes me think I should go back to the C64 BASIC sometimes :)

I have one doubt. I wanted to type 3.57 as a course for the torpedo, but the game limited me to one decimal. I didn't realize I only typed 3.5, so I missed the Klingon. Are you sure it's good to limit it to one decimal?

Thanks a lot! I appreciate that, especially from someone who knows the original code well. Where do I find your conversions? Are they written in BASIC?

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it. I hope this doesn't mean this version is too easy ;)

In case you haven't seen the update, I added the torpedoes sound and the different feedbacks in the latest version :)

Great job! I will try it tonight!

Wow, this is amazing. Unfortunately, I don't have an Android phone, so I can't try it, but I think this can be useful for many players.  Keys to move in the Galaxy map view, plus sliders for shields and phasers, are on the top of my list now. The next release will have them. Hopefully, at that point, you don't need the additional apps.
The option to remove the pointer is easy; I can do that.

Thanks a lot for this detailed report. I hope you can join the discord server.

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Yes, sorry about that. I didn't know these links can expire. This is a valid link:

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oh no, sorry about that. Please try this one:

OMG, Mr. Leedom! This is a great honor for me. I'm so happy you found my conversion and liked it. Have you also read my article about the porting of your BASIC version?
You can also find an interview with David Ahl in my blog. If you wish to contact me, my email is emabolo at gmail. Thanks a lot (for the game and your comment)!!!

Ahah nice! It makes sense, considering you had to port a BASIC program. Looking forward to the new version

Well done! Very accurate port! Probably it would be useful to have some icons to issue the commands, instead of using the menu. What is the engine you used? How did you develop it?

Nice! Yours looks like a very faithful port. I'm going to try it tonight!

I can send you the data folder so you can include it in the Linux version. I will publish a new version with some fixes around the end of the week. If you want, join the discord server, it's easier to communicate :)

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I spent several hours debugging, but I could not find the problem. Have you tried the Windows (or Mac) version?  Maybe it's a bug in the web engine. If you want, join the discord server so we can communicate faster: Thanks!

Ok, this is a good starting point, maybe the bug is when you restart a game. Thanks!

Thank you Itizso!

I will! Also, I will probably ask you to update it when I release v1.06 on Win/Mac :)

This is amazing! I will publish it on itch asap. Thanks a lot!!

This is really strange. Just for curiosity, did you start from a saved game? I wonder if it's a problem of the save states. Unfortunately it's not possible to export the saved games from the web local storage, so I'll have to review the code to check how this could be possible (or at least add some double checks)

Thanks!! Actually I don't know why I didn't add the photon torpedoes sound. I must do it asap.
The original game says: "torpedo missed" when it reaches the sector border without hitting a klingon, and "star at x,y absorbed torpedo" when you hit a star. I need to double check the code to see if it's correctly implemented in this version. Thanks for spotting this.

Damn, you are right about Uhura; I forgot to add the correct number :)

Regarding the story elements, if you have read one of my old blog posts, it was exactly what I wanted to do once I finished porting the text-only version. Ultimately, I decided to work on the GUI, first with the PICO8 version, then with this AGS edition, but it's still the next logical step. I'm not interested in adding cloaking devices, death rays, etc.

25th anniversary and Judgement Rites are on GOG, and I strongly suggest you play them. I prefer the point-and-click part more than the flight-sim part. But in any case, they are wonderful games.

Yes, considering the "success" that this little game is having, I'm definitely thinking about a mobile version with a GUI similar to the PICO8 one to raise shields and so on. I just need to find the time :) Thanks for playing it!

Argh, no, there are no hidden Klingons. You must have found a bug I never encountered in the thousands of games I played. Do you remember something unusual that you did or happened? Which difficulty level?

Fantastic! I can implement each character separately so they move accordingly when speaking, not randomly. Not sure when I will find the time, but thanks a lot!

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I created a small discord server dedicated to this game. You can join it here:

You can write on the chat and send me private messages

Thanks a lot for reading it! I plan to publish 1980 very soon :) 

Translating the game is not complex. I can send you a TXT file with all the text and you can send it back when it's ready. No programming required

Several people asked, so I'll try to publish it soon. Anyway, if you are interested in the pure core mechanics (text-only) of the game, you can have a look at this:

while for the PICO-8 version, you can get the code here:

OMG! This is awesome! Yes, I used the captures, I tried to search on the internet, but I didn't find anything. With the original graphics, it would be much better. I'll have a look asap. Thank you!

Thank you Koloth!

Thanks a lot Javier!

Too kind! Many thanks!

Thanks a lot! Sure, I'll try to write a blog post. In the meantime, you can read the first blog posts I wrote; this is how everything started:
The second one is probably more interesting; it contains some tech details about my improvements to the original code.

You will find the src code of the text-only versions on my GitHub page. I will publish there also the code of this game as soon as I make it "presentable" :)

Thanks KayBea!

Thanks a lot! I'm happy you enjoyed it. Let me know if you find it too easy or too difficult

Wow, you are too kind! I'm glad you liked it! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

I know, right? Side projects are always difficult to complete :) Let me know when I can test it. I'll let you know when I finish mine.