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Thanks for providing more info!

I think you may have, yes - could you try deleting your version, then downloading it again and having another try?

To give you a bit of background on how this works, your problem isn't actually that the video isn't playing. After Nina complains, but before the video plays, the game teleports the player to another map file which is just empty, and the video starts playing there. If the video itself had failed, you would've been teleported and arrived at a black screen, and be stuck there.

If you're still walking around the office, it means that the event which teleports you isn't firing off correctly, and that sounds like a "cosmic ray" issue, i.e. a very random, low-chance error. Naturally, as this problem occurred within the first 30 seconds of gameplay, this segment has been played thousands of times at this point by both myself and other users, both in the browser version and the download version, so it's reasonably certain that it doesn't have a problem except where something like file corruption is an issue.

However, I'm not dismissing your problem; it's really useful for people to get in touch with this kind of stuff, so many thanks for doing that. I'm going to look at that event and see if there's anything unique about it that could've caused this kind of issue in rare cases.

Thanks again!