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Hello I'd suggest adding some multiplayer. The moment you add multiplayer on recharged and vase this simulator will become a hit online. Also maybe have an extra map that combines all maps into one for people who have really fast computers. Add the ability to create your own races like setting each rally point yourself. One last thing which is please do not remove the glitch in recharged that lets you fly under the map when you go outside the island boundary. It fun to see the map from the bottom when you get board. Thank you for the awesome simulator and for your hard work and effort in creating this. You saved me a lot of money in learning acro

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion!

I agree, multiplayer is what I would like to be able to feature most of all. There was actually a friend of mine who worked on it, it was never quite finished to be released though, but I hope I will be able to include it in the future. I also think some kind of race/map editor is a very good idea and that is also something I hope to be able to include later on.

Any sneak peaks for tge next update so I can make a youtuve video of this?

No sneak peaks, in fact I'm very busy with another project currently so very little time for simulator development at the moment. Will have more time to focus on Freerider in a while.

I hope one of the next update will be a couple of much wider new maps, one with gates and flags (like a stadium map) to practice racing and the other, hopefully big enough, with tall buildings, bridges etc. to practice freestyle.

Thank you anyway for all the effort you put into this simulator, both versions are fantastic!