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Hi I really like the this pack. I bought it just now for the base price plus $10. I will be delighted to buy more packs witch this style. I love Link To The Past and I wan't to make a game like that. I have a hard time as a programmer finding Art Assets for prototyping. Here are some ideas I like to see and would be willing to buy them each separately. Of course that is up to you and if you have the time.

-A pack with extended dungeons stuff like moving platforms and booby traps. With some new enimes and a Boss.

-Outside village and enviorment pack like kakariko village in the Link to the past.

-NPC pack with animations that can also attack and stuff.

Hi LittleCodingWolf :) Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. Your suggestions are really helpful and I'll take them on board for the future. Thanks again.