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Look into pallet swapping as a start. Not sure if you're a programmer or what engine you are using but you be able to change skin color, clothing color and stuff just using one texture file. Let me know what engine you are using and I may be able to help. I have a pallet swapping system working in Unity.

Hi I really like the this pack. I bought it just now for the base price plus $10. I will be delighted to buy more packs witch this style. I love Link To The Past and I wan't to make a game like that. I have a hard time as a programmer finding Art Assets for prototyping. Here are some ideas I like to see and would be willing to buy them each separately. Of course that is up to you and if you have the time.

-A pack with extended dungeons stuff like moving platforms and booby traps. With some new enimes and a Boss.

-Outside village and enviorment pack like kakariko village in the Link to the past.

-NPC pack with animations that can also attack and stuff.

Yo this is so cool. You know what you should do. Make a pack with a test environment and enemies to go with this and sell it. I would buy it for $50. I'm a programmer and I find it hard to find prototyping assets. Anyway that's up to you of course but I really like this.