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Secret Hideout

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Hi! Thanks very much for your interest. Im afraid Im not available at the moment but Ill be sure to get in touch if that changes. :) 

You're Amazing! 

Hi! Many thanks for the feedback! Ill consider this :) 

Great Game! Fun! :D 

Thank you! :D

Hi I'm afraid I'm not available at the moment. Thanks for your interest though. :) 

Hi! Thank you so much for the kind words. That means a lot. Currently there are no additional enemies but this seems to be a popular request so I’ll consider this when planning my next pack :) thanks again! 

Hello! Thanks for the comment. Yes it does include everything from the previous updates :) 

Hi PhaseShift, many thanks for the kind words. I’m not available at the moment but I’ll get in touch with you if that changes. :) thanks again! 

Hi, thank you so much for your support and feedback :) I really appreciate it. 

No problem :) I definitely won't force you to give credit. You would merely be doing a kindness by supporting my art. As this has been an inconvenience for you, I'll change the wording on my assets. I hope that's ok. Thanks again for checking out my art :)

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Hi, thanks for the great question. Credit is generally given to support the artists who work hard on producing artwork for you to use in your game. Credit is very important to us artists and it is greatly appreciated.

I think the real question is why would you not want to give credit? ;)  

Thanks again :)  

Hi, Many thanks for the question. I don't use a restricted palette. I just use whatever colours I think look cool :) I often change the colours many times throughout development until I find something that works. Hope this helps :)

Thank you! Hopefully I'll make more of these soon! :D 

Hello! Thank you very much for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I don't have the capacity to participate in other projects right now. I wish you the best of luck with Chrono Craft. It looks awesome :D 

Hi Folks, 

I would like to introduce my new asset pack ‘Iso Tactics - Isometric Pixel Level Kit’.

I designed this tileset to be simple and easy to use with no terrain blending and rulesets required. 

I’m always looking for feedback from the community to please let me know what you think.


Secret Hideout

Hello and thank you for the comment. None of the tiles are animated right now. However, this is something i would love to add in the future. Particularly for the water. Thanks again!

Thank you! :D

Hello! Thanks for the comment :D You might need to adjust your compression settings in unity otherwise you'll get bleeding and the artwork will look blurry. Change filter mode to Point (No Filter) and set compression to None. This should help. 

Hi OTGG, Thank you for the nice comment. Looks really cool! Great job :D 

Hi Artyem, Unfortunately I don't have time to take on any additional projects at the moment but thank you so much for your kind words and support. It means a lot :)

Hi LittleCodingWolf :) Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. Your suggestions are really helpful and I'll take them on board for the future. Thanks again. 

Great job! I cant wait to see more updates :) thank you so much for using my assets.

Hi! Thanks for the comment. Great question. There is actually no need for walk left and right. The walk animation is right facing by default. This can be easily flipped in code for the walk left animation. The same can be done for the back facing walk. There is also no need for an up or down walk as the right pr left walk can be used for this. This technique is commonly used in 8 and 16 bit games for optimisation and also to save time in production. Here’s a great example of how to use the sprites:  hope this helps! 

Hello! Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to making more content soon! :)

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I hope you enjoy the pack. 

Hello and thank you for your question. The character is as seen in the images. There are no clothing layers but you can modify the sprites as you wish. Hope this helps. 

Hey, Thank you so much for the kind words! UI is not something I'm too passionate about but there are lot's of other things I would love to add to this pack. Perhaps I'll consider UI in the future if more people ask about it. Thanks again for the comment :D 

Hello! I did play your game and loved it. Again, great job and thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it :) 

Hey Tony, I've added a file called RoguePlayer_GUIDE.png that should help you :) Thanks ever so much for the kind words.

Fantastic job! Really great to see the Rogue Dungeon pack in action too :D 

Hello Steve, thanks so much for the kind words. Im not available at the moment but will contact you if that changes. Cheers! :) 

Great fun! :D 

Hello and thanks for the kind words :) I plan to make more 16x16 tilesets in the near future. I haven't decided on my next project yet but an exterior biome is something I would like to work on. 

Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the pack. I would love to make more characters in the future so stay tuned and good luck with your project :D

Hello and thank you so much for the kind words :D I love your idea! My schedule is pretty tight right now but perhaps I'll consider a projectile character in the future :) 

Just had a quick play. Love it! Can't wait to play more on my lunch break :D 

Amazing! So nice to see my sprites in action. I'll be releasing an update soon :D Thank you so much <3

Hello, If you are using the dungeon package as part of a bigger project then you can indeed share your project online :) If you want to share the dungeon package by itself so other people can download it and use it for their own projects then please send them a link to this page. Thank you so much for your comment and good luck with your project :D

Happy to hear it! Hope it proves useful for you :D