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Thanks for playing and I'm glad you and your fans enjoy the videos, I think I've watched them all as well! Feel free to suggest away. This reddit thread is a pretty good place:

I've had a few requests for nunchucks which is strang cause i feel the morning star already fulfills that role but maybe I can find a way to make them feel significantly different.

Early access hopefully in January!

The morning star as you say is is close to nunchaku, but in the current build I need the handle to do damage (as well as spikeball) to fully utilise the nunchaku moves i know. Both sides of the chain/joint are grabbable currently which is essential for doing the moves, but if both sides (handle and spikeball) did damage on collision then alot more moves would actually be viable in combat. E.g I need something like the morningstar, but with a small spikeball mounted on a small handle on each side of the flexible joint. Mirror symetry on the weapon would be a bonus. I would play hours of this game with nunchucks alone, and prob make countless vids too... if you can make it happen :D

Would be happy to playtest for feedback obviously :D Didn't realise you had a reddit :D Will check it out now!